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We are a professional manufacturer of extendable telescoping belt conveyor

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Professional manufacturer of telescopic conveyors for loading and unloading


JIANGSU GUANCHAO LOGISTICS TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD was established in 2016 in Lishui District, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, with a registered capital of 30 million RMB, is a company serving the global production of telescopic belt machines, turning curve belt conveyor machines, DWS dynamic scales, vertical conveyor belt system and other equipment.

We are a professional curved belt conveyor manufacturer. The existing plant area is about 60,000 square meters, with two factories located at No.26 Zhongxing East Road, Lishui Industrial Zone, Nanjing (Nanjing Guanchao Industrial Automation Co., Ltd. was established in 2006) and No.1 Kaiping Road, Dongping Town, Lishui, Nanjing.

The company has independent intellectual property rights and production bases. The company has a strong research and development team and has set up research and development institutions in Beijing, downtown Nanjing and factories respectively to develop products that meet the requirements of the industry according to the development trend of the industry, and has a number of patents in the upgrading of telescopic machines and supporting hump and DWS, etc.

Through the actual use test on site in these years, the product quality is far ahead of the peers.

Guanchao Logistics Technology


We offer multiple channels of contact (phone, email, form) when you want to enquire about a product or need service support.

Guanchao Logistics Technology


We have a professional engineering team that can customise the equipment to suit the actual usage requirements.

Guanchao Logistics Technology


Our products are effective in helping our customers to improve their transport efficiency. Faster handling times. Reduce labour costs.

Guanchao Logistics Technology


We have a professional after-sales team to support our customers in the use of our machines and to ensure their stable operation.

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We offer a complete range of customised logistics system for bags and production services

We are a telescopic boom conveyor company with a history of 16 years and we understand the needs of our customers for our products. Therefore, you can get a very comfortable service experience with us. We guarantee immediate answers to your questions before the sale, communication with the customer during the sale to effectively promote the production of the order and a good return visit after the sale to understand the operation of the product.

Professional manufacturer of logistics auxiliary equipment


Providing customers with high quality and efficient logistics and transport equipment

Guanchao Logistics Technology


To be the leader in the production of logistics and transport machinery in China

Guanchao Logistics Technology


Across the world of mountains and seas, to the world. Promoting Guanchao culture and achieving world Guanchao

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China Professional turning curve belt conveyor manufacturer

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With 16 years of experience in the industry, Guanchao aims to become the leader in the belt conveyor machine industry in China. We have a professional design and production team to ensure continuous technological refinement. We also have a professional sales team and have developed a comprehensive service process to ensure that orders are progressed. We believe that advanced technology and perfect service can bring the best experience to our customers.

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Guanchao provides Chinese customers with project site investigation, making of plans, door-to-door installation, and sets up professional after-sales service points in South China, East China, Central China, Southwest and North China to provide global customers with 7x24-hour online support.

Guanchao Logistics Technology


Guanchao has possessed more than 70 patents and over 40 honors. Our extendable telescoping belt conveyor adopts world famous brands key parts such as motor, electric box assembly and belt etc. It has passed the European Union's electrical safety and mechanical safety standard certification, and ISO9001 quality management system.

Professional manufacturer of logistics auxiliary equipment

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Our extendable telescoping belt conveyor, with standardized production scale, can help you prepare goods in advance during the peak season, and Guanchao guarantees fast delivery.

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Continuous exceeding! Create the world-leading telescopic conveyor!

Professional manufacturer of logistics auxiliary equipment

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