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Guanchao Logistics Technology

Jiangsu Guanchao Logistics Technology Co.Ltd was set up in 2016 with a registered capital of 7.9 million dollars. The company has two factories with an area of about 60000 sq.m, and over 300 staff since it was established in Lishui District, Nanjing.
Guanchao was dedicated to the research, development, and manufacture of whole set material conveying and handling equipment for the worldwide market, such as belt conveyor machines, telescopic conveyors, curved belt conveyors, logistics system for bags, fixed belt conveyor, telescopic conveyor for loading and unloading, stock carton container loading unloading conveyor, extendable telescoping belt conveyor, turning curve belt conveyor, angled belt conveyor, logistics system for bags, etc.
The company has independent intellectual property rights and a production base, developing products that meet the development trend of the industry. Through many years of practical use experience, Guanchao has become one of the core equipment manufacturers in the express e-commerce, warehousing & logistics center material conveying and sorting system, intelligent warehousing system, automatic production line, and cold chain logistics.

Guanchao Logistics Technology


We offer multiple channels of contact (phone, email, form) when you want to inquire about a product or need service support.

Guanchao Logistics Technology


We have a professional engineering team, which can customize belt curve conveyors according to actual use requirements.

Guanchao Logistics Technology


We have a professional after-sales team to support customers in using our belt conveyor machine and ensure its stable operation.

Guanchao Logistics Technology


Our belt conveyor machine can effectively improve transportation efficiency, speed up processing time and reduce labor costs.

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Guanchao is a professional manufacturer of logistics and transport equipment, mainly producing telescopic conveyors, belt curved conveyors, angled belt conveyors, extendable belt conveyors, turning curve belt conveyors,  extendable telescoping belt conveyor, and other equipment. Our products are of excellent quality and can be ordered with confidence.

Telescopic Conveyor for Loading and Unloading

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Guanchao is an excellent fixed belt conveyor manufacturer with a wealth of experience in the industry. Our products are sold worldwide.

With 6 years of experience in the industry, Guanchao aims to become the leader in the logistics and transport machinery industry in China. We have a professional design and production team to ensure continuous technological refinement. We also have a professional sales team and have developed a comprehensive service process to ensure that orders are progressed. We believe that advanced technology and perfect service can bring the best experience to our customers.

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Continuous exceeding! Create the world-leading telescopic conveyor!

Professional manufacturer of logistics auxiliary equipment

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Years of development have resulted in the gold medal quality of the Guanchao turning curve belt conveyor, which has been recognized by customers all over the world. Guanchao is your best logistics and transport helper.

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