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Curve Conveyor

Curved Belt Conveyor

The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Sometimes due to the constraints of space and other factors, the package cannot be transported in a straight line, and the direction needs to be adjusted. At this time, a Belt Conveyor System is required.

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The Guanchao turning curve PVC Belt Conveyor adopts active belt drive technology. The system takes a long time from the initial failure of a component to the paralysis of the system. As soon as the conveying condition changes slightly, the sound of the conveyor will change. A service technician walking by a running curve can tell the condition of its branch by its sound, so component failure can be detected months or years before it actually fails, chain/belt. The belt-driven system of a tumbler is extremely durable because component failure is slow to affect, and it is also extremely reliable because it is extremely rare that there is no warning before a catastrophic failure occurs.


The operation principle of the turning belt is to use the gear to drive the special chain on the outer edge of the belt, and then drag the entire arc belt to run through the chain. In this case, the curved belt itself does not need to run under tension, and it will not be affected by changes in load, tension, temperature, and humidity to affect its performance. This engaging method of driving ensures continuous and reliable operation in harsh environment operation.


The main advantage of Belt Curved Conveyor is that all available floor space can be utilized, so they represent an efficient and cost-effective solution that does not impact the production line when space needs to be optimized. As a result, these systems can be used in a variety of industries, especially unit handling applications, including warehouses and distribution centers, manufacturing and packaging facilities, airports and the food industry.


High Speed Capability:

Max. Speed can reach 150M/MIN.

Low noise Operation:

The working plane and the upper rail are separated, and the gap in the middle can absorb noise.

Not affected by pollutants:

The chain of the China turning curve belt conveyor is fixed in the guide rail for transmission, so it will not deviate from the transmission direction due to the accumulation of contaminants.



Powertrain system:

#50 conveyor chain with belt attachment links.


2-ply black PVC-OP with 1A clipper lacing.

Frame assembly:

All 3mm iron plate welded and painted.


Standard made from 3mm iron plate. Side-guards over 300mm high have a 25mm angled out top flange. If no sideguards are ordered, a 50 mm sideguard will be provided on the outside radius.


Epoxy power coating in various RAL colors.



Standard perforated metal underguarding.

Bottom support

Customized support.


a wide range SEW, Nord and Sumitomo gearmotors are available.

Available Sizes

GUANCHAO frequently builds curves with a speacial radius based on customers actual needs.


The turning curve belt conveyor is a kind of conveyor, which can realize horizontal transportation and inclined transportation. Curved belt conveyor is especially suitable for various assembly line connection and turning operations, and is suitable for a wide range of industries.

The turning curve belt conveyor adopts a small diameter idler, which is convenient for corner connection and flexible in direction. The supporting frame can be made of carbon steel, aluminum profile or stainless steel. The belt can be made of different materials and specifications according to performance requirements.

The turning belt adopts a variable frequency speed regulation motor or a stepless speed reduction motor, which runs stably and can realize programmed automatic operation.


Reliability of “chain/belt” turning curve belt conveyor

There is no substitute for reliability

  1. Conveyor function will not be affected by changes in load and environment;
  2. The belt does not need to adjust the precise belt tension and the precise position of the tapered reel for the normal operation of the belt;
  3. The belt will not be deflected by the accumulation of contaminants on the belt.

This China turning curve belt conveyor focuses on reliability, we will never compromise reliability for the pursuit of more beautiful, unnecessarily quiet, cheaper or simple to produce conveyors, if a conveyor fails, it is useless, so There is no substitute for reliability.


Active drive/slack belt drive technology

Operational reliability is characterized by the ability of a system to operate normally in different environments, and the time between identification of initial failure and maintenance to complete failure. If a change in environment or the failure of a component results in a momentary loss of system performance, or Worse, leading to a catastrophic system failure, then the “good” system is not reliable. The chain/slack belt drive system is extremely durable, the system takes a long time from the initial failure of a component to affect the system down, the sound of the conveyor will change as soon as the conveying condition changes slightly. An experienced service technician walking past a running turning curve belt conveyor can discern the condition of its branch from its sound, so component failure can be detected months or years before actual failure occurs the belt drive system of a chain/belt curve conveyor is extremely durable because component failure is slow to affect, and it is also extremely reliable because it is extremely rare that there is no warning before a catastrophic failure occurs.


A chain/belt curve conveyor is a simple and reliable design where the “slack” belt is dragged by the chain on the outer edge of the belt, the chain actively drives the drive sprocket instead of the head and tail pulleys driving the belt, and other designs do not need to consider the special requirements of China turning curve belt conveyor, just rely on the belt tension customary for straight conveyors. Our products have a long service life because the belts on the conveyor and conveyor components are “slack”, such as bearings, drive shafts and belt engagement with less stress, the belt is just a simple Bearing surface, so there is no need to use expensive “high-tech” conveyor belt material. This concept of chained/slack belts engaged with mechanical steel buckles is very beneficial and makes repairs simple, if a section of the conveyor belt is damaged then only the damaged part needs to be replaced. Unlike friction-driven conveyors, mechanical steel buckle-engaged or driven belts do not slip on the head and tail pulleys to cause damage, and steel-buckle-engaged conveyors do not require extensive disassembly when changing belts, and in the event of cargo jams, a friction-driven turning curve belt conveyor will pop the belt under the rollers and melt the drive reels, while a chain/slack belt drive system will still run fine for long periods of time.


The idea of the chain/belt system is simple, but it is not simple to manufacture, the perfect result we have always strived for is to develop a quiet, efficient conveyor that combines reliability and simple maintenance, only through high-quality, modern raw materials and precision manufacturing to achieve high performance.

Belt Drive Chain RS50
Material Heat treated carbon steel
Ultimate tensile stress 2459KG
Maximum workload 290KG

Technical Parameters of  China turning curve belt conveyor

Tank installation

All-steel welded structure, the sides of the tank body and the sliding bed are made of 3MM, thick iron plates, and the outer radius of the tank is 9.5MM longer than both ends of the conveyor.


chain cover

Made of steel with mounting slots for quick and easy disassembly.


tank height

Standard height———-216MM;

The width of the conveying surface is more than 1 meter————-216/305MM;

The outer radius of conveying is greater than 2210MM———305MM;

Note: The height of the tank body can be customized according to the application needs.


Roller bearing

Our standard bearings are the PEER UCFT/UCFB200 series, all bearings are precision, rated, permanently sealed and housed in a cast iron flanged housing with grease nipples.


Head and tail sprockets

The #50 precision chain is equipped with special helical teeth and hardened steel sprockets, the height of the conveyor groove is designed according to the size of the sprockets.

27-tooth chain teeth—-the height of the groove body is 216MM;

40-tooth chain teeth—-the height of the groove body is 305MM;

40-tooth sprocket for high speed and large conveyors;


Head and tail wheels and axles

The head and tail wheels are easy to change due to the plug-in installation, especially in sealed spaces. The tapered head and tail wheels are made of heavy-duty steel. It does not drive the belt, so no lagging is required. Steel The bushing is welded at both ends after machining. The material of the head and tail axles is S45C steel that has been turned, ground and polished, and one end supports the drive to lengthen.

Shaft standard diameter and belt speed
Model series Conveying outer radius Shaft diameter Belt speed
A 1200MM 25MM 90M/MIN
B 1500MM 30MM 120M/MIN
C OR HC 2200MM 35MM 150M/MIN
Conveying surface width 1295~1575 40MM
Conveying surface width is greater than 1575 45MM


SEW NORD SUMITOMO various series of gear motors are available. If you buy gear motors by yourself, our torque arm, drilling and drive shaft openings are all standard diameters.

Standard conveyor belt
Conveyor belt Two layers of black PVC-CP tape
Manufacturer Part Number FLEXAM EF 10/2.0+22 BLACK AS FR
Conveying surface Two layers of black PVC A22 sandblasted
Thickness 3MM
Allowable working tension Width 10N/MM (1% elongation)
Underside Polyester fabric, low friction
Belt fabric 2 layers polyester
Fire-proof level ISO340-1998
Conductivity Antistatic
Ambient temperature range -15~80℃
Interface Standard cable interface pins are nylon wrapped and feature a #1A steel buckle interface for quick belt changes
Chain attachment #4 Copper Plated Wire Seal, 1040 Steel Rivets, and Gaskets and Nylon Bushings

Back belt roller

The return rollers are supported by several rubber-wrapped precision rollers arranged on a 15mm diameter steel shaft or stand. Compared to hollow cylindrical steel rollers, the system is much quieter and is often used for linear conveyor.


Side panel

The standard side plate is pressed by 3MM, thick iron plate. If the side plate is higher than 150MM, there will be a 25MM angle iron flange on the top. If the order does not include the side plate, the turning machine will be bent from the side plate with 50MM, the width of the conveying surface between the side plates is 12MM wider than the belt surface at the contact point, and the side plates are 9.5MM longer than both ends of the conveyor.



Standard perforated metal protective plate;



After sanding, EPOXY powder coating, in various colors in the RAL series, the colors can be matched on demand.


Spec example:

The standard turning curve belt conveyor specification representation is as follows: 1170M1060-90;

1170 means the arc radius size in the slot;

M indicates that the tank body is the standard specification of 216MM;

1060 represents the conveying width between side plates;

90 represents the outer arc angle;


Examples of rack height specifications are as follows:

M represents a medium rack size with a height of 216MM;

HM represents the heightened rack specification of 305MM;

This specification example cannot show the running direction.


Curved Belt Conveyor
Curved Belt Conveyor

Standard specification series

Model Numbers Constant Dimensions

Inside Radius



Conveying Centerline



Conveying Width



End Roll



Gear-in 1rpm=mm




Standard ShaftΦ=25mm



1022 1111 178 120 377
900M300 900 1050 300 115 356
800M400 800 1000 400 110 339
750M450 750 975 450 107 331
700M500 700 950 500 104 322
600M600 600 900 600 99 305
565M635 565 882.5 635 97 299

“B” Belt Curve Family (178-940 Conveying Width)

Model Numbers Constant Dimensions  

Inside Radius




Conveying Centerline




Conveying Width




End Roll



Gear-in 1rpm=mm




Standard ShaftΦ=30mm


1322 1411 178 125 387
1150M350 1150 1325 350 117 363
1000M500 1000 1250 500 111 343
850M650 850 1175 650 104 322
750M750 750 1125 750 100 308
675M825 675 1087.5 825 97 298
560M940 560 1030 940 92 282

“C” Belt Curve Family (279-1000 Conveying Width

Model Numbers Constant Dimensions  

Inside Radius




Conveying Centerline




Conveying Width




End Roll



Gear-in 1rpm=mm
1921M279 C=2200



Standard ShaftΦ


1921 2060.5 279 126 390
1825M375 1825 2012.5 375 123 381
1700M500 1700 1950 500 119 369
1575M625 1575 1887.5 625 116 357
1450M750 1450 1825 750 112 346
1375M825 1375 1787.5 825 110 338
1200M1000 1200 1700 1000 104 322

“HC” Belt Curve Family (1001-1245 Conveying Width)

Model Numbers Constant Dimensions  

Inside Radius




Conveying Centerline




Conveying Width




End Roll



Gear-in 1rpm=mm




Standard ShaftΦ


1170 1685 1030 152 473
1120M1080 1120 1660 1080 150 466
1070M1130 1070 1635 1130 148 459
1000M1200 1000 1600 1200 145 449
955M1245 955 1577.5 1245 143 443

*End roll diameter at conveying centerline include belt thickness of 3.1mm.
Note:The conveying width (F) is equivalent to the ” between sideguards” (BSG) width. The exposed belt width is approximately 12 mm narrower than the nominal conveying width (F).

What’s your company like?

: Guanchao is a leader in the logistics and transport equipment industry in China and has provided quality products for many logistics industries around the world, such as “curved belt conveyor, angled belt conveyor, telescopic conveyor”. We aim to become the world’s leading company in the logistics and transport equipment industry.

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What’s your main product?

: Telescopic Conveyor/Curved Belt Conveyor/Angled Belt Conveyor/Spiral Belt Conveyor/Smart Warehouse

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How about your company scale?

: Located in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, Guanchao is an enterprise mainly engaged in research and experimental development. It has a factory area of about 60,000 square meters and two factories, located at No. 26 Zhongxing East Road, Lishui Industrial Zone, Nanjing (Nanjing Guanchao Industrial Automation Co., Ltd. was established in 2006) and No. 1 Kaiping Road, Dongping Town, Lishui, Nanjing.

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: Pls contact us through:
* Inquiry module in our website
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How can I inquire about the price of the relevant container product?

: We have telescopic conveyors, curved belt conveyor, angled belt conveyor, spiral belt conveyor. We will get back to you promptly with a quote for these products.

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How can I follow the product quality during production?

: We have professional QC team to trace each production course and ensure the product quality from parts fabrication to final completion. We will provide the quality qualified document before delivery. The third party inspection and certificates company could also be employeed as both agreement, we also welcome the client to send representative to visit our company for the course and final inspection before product delivery.

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What‘s the lead time for your product?

: We have standard products for telescopic conveyor, curved belt conveyor, angled belt conveyor, spiral belt conveyor, smart warehouse, as well as complex and highly customized products with delivery times between 20 and 90 days, which we will discuss with you further discussion will be confirmed in mutual communication.

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Is Guanchao a manufacturer?

: Yes, our production center is based in Nanjing. The 60,000-square-meter factory building and around 300 employees ensure the delivery of products, and new factories will be expanded later to meet a large number of potential orders.

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What is about shipping?

We can deliver the complete equipment by sea. You can either use your own assigned shipping agent or our cooperative forwarder. The nearest
port is China Shanghai, Ningbo port, which is convenient for maritime transportation.

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we support our business partners by after-sale service. Guanchao has many technical testing
engineers traveling world wide. Any cases would be responded with prompt solutions.

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