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Guanchao Logistics Technology
2006 Nanjing Guanchao established

2006 Foundation of Nanjing Guanchao in Nanjing by Qirong Wang. Production primarily focused on Auto parts.

2013 Development of telescopic belt conveyor
2013 the company’s business was transformed from auto parts to telescopic belt conveyors, which represented that Guanchao officially entered the ranks of express logistics suppliers, and achieved great success, taking 80% of the market share.
2015 Development of a full range of telescopic belt conveyors
2015 Due to Qirong Wang’s invention activities (many patents), the commercial field has expanded greatly. At the same time, the demand for telescopic machines has reached a blowout state. According to the different needs of different customers, Guanchao began to develop different types of telescopic machines, which have been recognized by customers.
2016 Jiangsu Guanchao Technology established
2016 Jiangsu Guanchao was established, 5 kilometers away from Nanjing Guanchao. Some production lines were relocated to the new factory. Brand-new production equipment and brand-new technology have been fully recognized by customers. Nanjing Guanchao and Jiangsu Guanchao occupy a total area of 60,000 square meters, which greatly increases the production capacity.
2018 Development of the Turning Machine range
2018 Guanchao’s full series of telescopic belt conveyors have been recognized by the market. In order to expand the company’s business, it has begun to develop products such as turning machines, diverter and confluence machines, and spiral towers.
2020 Full relocation to new factory
All production and office equipment were relocated from Nanjing Guanchao to Jiangsu Guanchao
2022 Upgrading of production capacity
Start to develop the factory smart logistics system, cooperate with the existing mature belt conveyor series products, and provide customers with a complete set of logistics solutions.

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