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Spiral Belt Conveyor

Spiral Belt Conveyor

The vertical spiral belt conveyor consists of a moving belt which revolves around a central column. It can be used to move a wide range of products between floor levels or over walkways. The belt guide system runs on precision bearings so there is only rolling friction and noise level is very low.

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Product instructions:

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The tank body of Guanchao spiral belt conveyor adopts an all-steel welded structure. The side box of the tank body is made of 3mm thick iron plate. There are bearing mounting holes on the side of the tank body, so there is no need for additional load-bearing plates. Both ends of the machine are elongated by 9.5mm.

  • Save Space:

The vertical spiral belt conveyor uses its special structure, which requires relatively high vertical space, but occupies very little horizontal space.

  • Durable all Steel construction:

Most parts are made of metal for durability

  • Custom designed for the particular operation:

Due to the limitation of site, usage and other factors, it needs to be modified on the basis of standard machines to meet the actual needs of customers. Custom unloading belt conveyor for customers.


Spiral unloading belt conveyors can save a lot of space and manpower. Spiral belt conveyors can continuously move goods of all shapes and sizes without jamming, slipping or tipping. Unpackaged products like cartons, bags, buckets can be easily transported without any problems. Even large inclinations can be applied.


Chain Driven Spiral Belt Conveyors are designed for reliable operation in heavy duty applications such as: high speed, high circulation, sudden loads on the belt, harsh environments (temperature changes, contamination above and below the belt). Positive chain drive systems are immune to the following conditions that can damage friction drive belt conveyors (for example: incorrect belt tension, temperature changes, contamination above or below the belt, etc.). There will never be any destructive end roll rotation due to improper adjustment. Chain-driven belt conveyors can withstand a lot of neglect and abuse and still work just fine. It is the perfect solution for conveyor lines.


Spiral belt conveyor function is not affected by fluctuations: in the environment or load, precise belt tensioning and end pulley alignment are not required, and contamination of the conveyor belt will not cause loss of drive traction.


Superb processing technology

  • High speed capability
  • Low noise operation
  • Easy to maintain
  • Low lifetime cost
  • Practical design
  • Wide conveying width available
  • Low belt tension for long component life
  • Positive drive belt system means no end roll slip
  • Custom design for your specific application


The vertical spiral belt conveyor has the following characteristics:

  1. The structure is relatively simple and the cost is low.
  2. Reliable work, easy maintenance and management.
  3. The size is compact, the section size is small, and the floor area is small. It is easy to enter and exit hatches and carriages during unloading and unloading operations in ports.
  4. It can realize sealed transportation, which is conducive to the transportation of easy-to-fly, hot and strong-smelling materials, which can reduce environmental pollution and improve the working conditions of port workers.
  5. Easy to load and unload.


Technical parameters of vertical spiral belt conveyor

Tank installation

All-steel welded structure, the sides of the tank body and the sliding bed are made of 3MM, thick iron plate, there are bearing mounting holes on the side of the tank body, so no additional load-bearing plate is needed, and the outer radius of the tank body is longer than the two ends of the conveyor. 9.5MM.


Chain cover

Made of steel with mounting slots for quick and easy disassembly.


Tank height

Standard height———-216MM;

Conveying surface width greater than 1 meter————-216/305MM;

The outer radius of conveying is greater than 2210MM———305MM;

Note: The height of the tank body can be customized according to the application needs.


Head and tail wheel bearings

Our standard bearings are the PEER UCFT/UCFB200 series, all bearings are precision, rated, permanently sealed, and housed in a cast iron flanged housing with grease nipples.


Head and tail sprockets

The #50 precision chain is equipped with special helical teeth and hardened steel sprockets. The height of the conveyor groove is designed according to the size of the sprockets.

27-tooth chain teeth—-the height of the groove body is 216MM;

40-tooth chain teeth—-the height of the groove body is 305MM;

40 tooth sprocket for high speed and large vertical spiral unloading belt conveyor


Head and tail wheels and axles

The head and tail pulleys are easy to replace thanks to the plug-in mounting, especially in confined spaces. The tapered head and tail pulleys are made of heavy-duty steel and do not drive the belt, so no lagging is required. The steel bushings are processed and welded at both ends. The head and tail axles are made of S45C steel that has been turned, ground and polished, and one end supports the drive to lengthen.

Shaft standard diameter and belt sprocket size
Model series Conveying outer radius Shaft diameter Tank height Belt sprocket
A 1200MM 25MM 216MM 27 sprockets
B 1500MM 30MM 216MM 27 sprockets
C 2200MM 35MM 216MM 27 sprockets
HC 2200 35MM 305MM 40 sprockets
The conveying surface width is greater than 1295~1575 40MM 305MM 40 sprockets
Conveying surface width is greater than 1575 45MM 305MM 40 sprockets


Standard conveyor belt
Conveyor belt Two-layer black SBR-RT Two layers of black PVC-RT
Manufacturer Part Number BLACK PHR 2-160


Flexam EF 10/2 0+A42

Black AS FR

Conveying surface Black Grade 2 Pattern SBR Rubber Two layers of black PVC+A42


Thickness 6.5MM 4.5MM
Allowable working tension Width 28N/MM (2% elongation) Width 10N/MM (1% elongation)
Underside Bare back, low friction Polyester fabric, low friction
Belt fabric 2 layers of polyester and nylon 2 layers polyester fabric
Fire-proof level Unrated (FR rated belts can be ordered by special order) ISO340-1988
Conductivity Not rated Antistatic
Ambient temperature range -29~107℃ -15~80℃
Interface Standard cable interface pins are nylon wrapped and feature a #1A steel buckle interface for quick belt changes
Chain attachment #4 Copper Plated Wire Seal, 1040 Steel Rivets, and Gaskets and Nylon Bushings

Back belt roller

The return rollers are supported by several rubber-wrapped precision rollers arranged on a 15mm diameter steel shaft or stand. Compared to hollow cylindrical steel rollers, the system is much quieter and is often used for Linear conveyor.


side panel

The standard side plate is pressed by 3MM, thick iron plate. If the side plate is higher than 300MM, there will be a 25MM angle iron flange on the top. If the order does not include the side plate, the vertical spiral unloading belt conveyor will be bent from the side plate with 50MM, the width of the conveying surface between the side plates is 12MM wider than the belt surface at the contact point, and the side plates are 9.5MM longer than both ends of the vertical spiral unloading belt conveyor.



Standard perforated metal protective plate;



After sanding, EPOXY powder coating, in various colors in the RAL series, the colors can be matched on demand.


Spec example:

The standard vertical spiral unloading belt conveyor specification representation is as follows: 1170M1060-SP90

1170 indicates the radius of the arc in the slot;

M indicates that the tank body is the standard specification of 216MM;

1060 means the conveying width between side plates;

SP stands for Spiral Belt Conveyor;

90 means outer arc angle;


Examples of rack height specifications are as follows:

M represents the medium rack size with a height of 216MM;

HM indicates the heightened rack specification with a height of 305MM;

This specification example cannot show the running direction.


The spiral tower is composed of multiple 180° or 90° spiral turning machines connected by the central column. The specific height and drop should be determined according to the height of the entrance and exit.


Angled Belt Conveyor

Basic model specs

“LT” series ( conveying width 127-381; standard shaft 25mm)

Model Dimension

Inside Radius



Conveying  Center-line



Conveying width



End Roll Diameter






Max.elevation (Per 360°)








573 636.5 127 80.3 225 1220


522 611 178 77.5 216 1220


319 509.5 381 66.1 180.1 1220

“LN” series ( conveying width 178-483; standard shaft 25mm)

Model Dimension Inside Radius



Conveying  Center-line



Conveying width



End Roll Diameter






Max.elevation (Per 360°)







772 861 178 81.7 229.3 1524


620 785 330 75.3 209 1524


467 708.5 483 68.8 188.7 1524

The specification representation of the spiral belt conveyor is as follows: 1170M1060-SP90

1170: the radius of the arc in the slot

M: that the tank body is the standard specification of 216MM

1060: the conveying width between side plates

SP : Spiral Belt Conveyor

90 : outer arc angle

What’s your company like?

: Guanchao is a leader in the logistics and transport equipment industry in China and has provided quality products for many logistics industries around the world, such as “curved belt conveyor, angled belt conveyor, telescopic conveyor”. We aim to become the world’s leading company in the logistics and transport equipment industry.

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What’s your main product?

: Telescopic Conveyor/Curved Belt Conveyor/Angled Belt Conveyor/Spiral Belt Conveyor/Smart Warehouse

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How about your company scale?

: Located in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, Guanchao is an enterprise mainly engaged in research and experimental development. It has a factory area of about 60,000 square meters and two factories, located at No. 26 Zhongxing East Road, Lishui Industrial Zone, Nanjing (Nanjing Guanchao Industrial Automation Co., Ltd. was established in 2006) and No. 1 Kaiping Road, Dongping Town, Lishui, Nanjing.

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: Pls contact us through:
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How can I inquire about the price of the relevant container product?

: We have telescopic conveyors, curved belt conveyor, angled belt conveyor, spiral belt conveyor. We will get back to you promptly with a quote for these products.

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How can I follow the product quality during production?

: We have professional QC team to trace each production course and ensure the product quality from parts fabrication to final completion. We will provide the quality qualified document before delivery. The third party inspection and certificates company could also be employeed as both agreement, we also welcome the client to send representative to visit our company for the course and final inspection before product delivery.

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What‘s the lead time for your product?

: We have standard products for telescopic conveyor, curved belt conveyor, angled belt conveyor, spiral belt conveyor, smart warehouse, as well as complex and highly customized products with delivery times between 20 and 90 days, which we will discuss with you further discussion will be confirmed in mutual communication.

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Is Guanchao a manufacturer?

: Yes, our production center is based in Nanjing. The 60,000-square-meter factory building and around 300 employees ensure the delivery of products, and new factories will be expanded later to meet a large number of potential orders.

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What is about shipping?

We can deliver the complete equipment by sea. You can either use your own assigned shipping agent or our cooperative forwarder. The nearest
port is China Shanghai, Ningbo port, which is convenient for maritime transportation.

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Is there any after-sale service?

we support our business partners by after-sale service. Guanchao has many technical testing
engineers traveling world wide. Any cases would be responded with prompt solutions.

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