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Angled Belt Conveyor

Angled Belt Conveyor

Angle belt conveyors is intended primarily for the transport of piece goods, where there is a need to change the elevation angle of material flow, or the individual levels of material flow. Guanchao angled belt conveyor apply advanced technology of low tension driving belt to realize the smooth the merging or diverging of cargo between two conveyors, also to minimize the accumulated heat on the angle bar, thus increasing the durability of the belt.

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Guanchao angled fixed belt conveyor is driven by its bottom side contacting a heavy duty lagged drive roll. Contamination on the belt surface does not effect the conveyor operation because the drive roll contracts the bottom side of the belt. A Spring-loaded take-up roll automatically maintains even belt tension even through changes in loading and temperature.

Angle belt conveyors facilitate the merging or splitting of two conveyor lines in a smooth and efficient manner.

Angle belt conveyors are available in airless angle bar versions for low and medium speed or intermittent high speed operation, as well as airless angle bar versions for heavy duty applications or high continuous speeds.

Angle belt conveyors are designed for merging or distribution operations. These two different types of inclined belt conveyors differ in the number of rollers and their positions. The consolidated device cannot later be converted to operate as a distributed device. Distributed angled belt conveyors generally have a longer minimum length than consolidated angled belt conveyors. Check factory specific conveyor widths for minimum lengths and merge/distribution configurations.


Superb processing and assembly technology

  • High speed capability
  • Low noise operation
  • Low lifetime cost
  • Practical design
  • Wide conveying width available
  • Low belt tension for long component life
  • Positive drive belt system means endless roll slip
  • Custom design for your specific application


Angle Bar:

A polished steel bar is used on the angle end of the conveyor. The fixed angle bar is used to ensure even belt tracking. The China fixed belt conveyor may be positioned with the angle bar as close as 4mm from the adjoining conveyor. Angles bar of 30° and 45° is available.


Drive Roll:

The drive lagged, includes 152mm diameter (medium size), 203mm diameter (thick size), is molded onto the steel roll and machined to provide a high friction surface.

GUANCHAO angled fixed belt conveyor apply advanced technology of low tension driving belt to realize the smooth the merging or diverging of cargo between two conveyors, also to minimize the accumulated heat on the angle bar, thus increasing the durability of the belt.


Main Features Of China angle belt conveyor:

-No need for compressed gas

-Spring take-up tension system

-Whisper quiet operation

-30° or 45° angles

-Smooth positive angular transfer of products

-Simple belt tracking system

-Easy maintenance

-Heavy duty steel construction

-Transfers small products


The China angle belt conveyor is a type of assembly line. The angled fixed belt conveyor is used to save labor and improve work efficiency. Light products can also be used for commodity transportation at large supermarket cash registers, which are widely used.


Angle belt conveyors are primarily used to transport individual items of various properties, especially where height changes are required in the material flow (for example, when products are being transported to machine warehouses). Under certain conditions, diagonal conveyors can also be equipped with C-drives with inline gears or CTRs with roller drives.

Angled fixed belt conveyors (consolidators, V-belt conveyors) are used as part of a baggage conveying system to move baggage items onto and off conveyor sections. The lead-in and out-feed angles are set to 30° or 45°. It is ideal for airport baggage conveyors and transport systems. Reliable operation is guaranteed through its optimum power transmission capability. The device is also compatible with sorting, order picking, distribution and transport structures.


Technical parameters of angle belt conveyor

Tank installation

All-steel welded structure, the sides of the tank body and the sliding bed are made of 3MM thick iron plate, and the lower side of the tank body has a 25MM wide external flange to connect with the bracket feet.


Tank height

tank height Standard conveying surface width range Optional conveying surface width range
Medium tank 216MM 610~1041MM 965~1524MM
High tank 305MM 1041~1600MM 990~1600MM


Angle bar

The angle rod is made of polished iron rod and installed at a fixed angle. The angle rod with a diameter of 48 is used. Its function is to ensure that the belt will not be deviated. The nearest position of the angle rod on the two adjacent conveyors is 4MM. The angle bars of the angled fixed belt conveyor are divided into 30° and 45° series.

Standard angled fixed belt conveyor
Conveyor belt Two layers of black fiber flame retardant tape
Manufacturer Part Number E 12/2 0/U2 MT-G-SE
Conveying surface black polyurethane
Thickness 1.8MM
Allowable working tension Width 12N/MM (1% elongation)
Underside low friction fabric
Belt fabric Two layers of polyester
Fire-proof level DIN EN 20340
Conductivity Antistatic
Ambient temperature range -30~100℃
Interface seamless interface


Belt drive system

The belt driving principle is that the driving reel with friction surface contacts the bottom of the belt to drive the belt to run, so the accumulation on the belt surface will not affect the driving effect, and the contact angle between the belt and the driving reel can reach 210 degrees. Therefore, the belt tension must be relatively small. In addition, the spring-loaded belt tension system keeps the belt tension from being affected by load and temperature changes.


Head and tail wheel, elastic and brake wheel

The elastic pulley and the brake pulley are made of steel pipes with a diameter of 63.5MM and a high groove body of 89MM. The head and tail pulleys are made of steel pipes with a diameter of 89MM. The steel bushing is welded at both ends after processing. The normal installation position of the head and tail pulleys is that the front is flush with the groove body. Generally, the belt tension is not changed by adjusting the position of the head and tail pulleys.


Drive reels and shafts

The steel bushings are processed and welded at both ends, the drive is covered with rubber and cast on the steel roller, and processed to make the surface friction. The material of the roller shaft is S45C steel that has been turned, ground and polished. Each axle is matched to the drive roller.

Roller diameter Gear ratio 1rpm Shaft standard diameter
Medium tank 152MM 499MM 30 OR 35MM
High tank 203MM 658MM 35 OR 45MM


Roller bearing

The drive and head and tail pulleys are precision, rated, permanently sealed, and housed in a cast iron flanged housing, bearing housings with grease nipples, and both tensioner and brake pulleys with internal bearings.


Side panel

Made of standard 3MM thick iron plate, if the side plate is higher than 150MM, there will be a 25MM outwardly angled flange at the top, the distance between the left and the right plates is 76MM more than the belt width, and the end flange is standard.



After sanding, EPOXY powder coating treatment, using various colors in the RAL series, the color can be matched as required.



Various series of gear motors from SEW NORD SUMITOMO are available for selection. If you purchase gear motors by yourself, our torque arm, drilling and drive shaft openings are all standard diameters.


Confluence / Divide

The angle fixed belt conveyor is specially designed for the application of merging and diverting. The number of rollers and the position in the fuselage of the merging machine and the diverting machine are different, so the use of the merging machine and the diverting machine is different. Interchangeable, generally the shunt machine is longer than the fuselage of the confluence machine.


Specification example

The standard specification representation is as follows: 1060AXH1900-45 LHM

1060 represents the width of the conveying surface (the distance between the side plates);

AX means airless angle rod;

H means high rack;

1900 represents the centerline length;

45 represents the angle stick angle;

LH represents the running direction of the cargo after passing through the angle bar (right diversion is represented by RH);

M means that the angle bar is at the outlet end of the converging belt conveyor (the diverting conveyor is denoted by D);

Basic model specification

45° series

A B C D E F  

Lap speed

1 rpm=mm







254 788 981 569 341 330 329 178


610 965 1336 925 696 686 329 178


661 1042 1438 983 747 737 489 216


1016 1524 2098 1339 1103 1092 489 216


915 1524 2048 1237 1001 991 648 305


1524 2286 3114 1847 1611 1600 648 305

30° series

A B C E F  

Lap speed

1 rpm=mm






254 945 1279 341 330 329 178


610 1253 1895 696 686 329 178


661 1511 2196 747 737 489 216


1016 1819 2787 1103 1092 489 216


915 1928 2834 1001 991 648 305


1524 2456 3889 1611 1600 648 305

Note: bove is our standard model size. The specific dimensions are determined by the conveying width A and the shortest conveying width B. The diverging conveyor with same conveying width is longer than merging belt conveyor.

Angled Belt Conveyor

Angled Belt Conveyor

The standard specification representation is as follows: 1060AXH1900-45 LHM

1060: conveying surface width (distance between side plates)

AX : airless angle rod

H :high rack

1900 : the centerline length

45 : angle of angle-bar

LH : the running direction of the cargo after passing through the angle bar (right diversion is indicated by RH)

M : the angle bar is at the outlet end of the Confluence belt conveyor (the diverting belt conveyor is denoted by D)

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: Guanchao is a leader in the logistics and transport equipment industry in China and has provided quality products for many logistics industries around the world, such as “curved belt conveyor, angled belt conveyor, telescopic conveyor”. We aim to become the world’s leading company in the logistics and transport equipment industry.

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: Telescopic Conveyor/Curved Belt Conveyor/Angled Belt Conveyor/Spiral Belt Conveyor/Smart Warehouse

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: Located in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, Guanchao is an enterprise mainly engaged in research and experimental development. It has a factory area of about 60,000 square meters and two factories, located at No. 26 Zhongxing East Road, Lishui Industrial Zone, Nanjing (Nanjing Guanchao Industrial Automation Co., Ltd. was established in 2006) and No. 1 Kaiping Road, Dongping Town, Lishui, Nanjing.

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: Pls contact us through:
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: We have telescopic conveyors, curved belt conveyor, angled belt conveyor, spiral belt conveyor. We will get back to you promptly with a quote for these products.

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: We have professional QC team to trace each production course and ensure the product quality from parts fabrication to final completion. We will provide the quality qualified document before delivery. The third party inspection and certificates company could also be employeed as both agreement, we also welcome the client to send representative to visit our company for the course and final inspection before product delivery.

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: Yes, our production center is based in Nanjing. The 60,000-square-meter factory building and around 300 employees ensure the delivery of products, and new factories will be expanded later to meet a large number of potential orders.

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We can deliver the complete equipment by sea. You can either use your own assigned shipping agent or our cooperative forwarder. The nearest
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we support our business partners by after-sale service. Guanchao has many technical testing
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