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5 Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Belt Conveyor Crown Working Efficiently

Having a belt conveyor crown working efficiently can be the difference between achieving and maintaining maximum productivity and facing unplanned downtime. Follow these 5 maintenance tips to keep your belt conveyor crown working with peak efficiency.

Check Your Crown Gear

Regular inspections of your conveyor crown gear are essential. An old or damaged crown gear can cause your conveyor belt to slip and reduce the speed, disrupting productivity.

Inspect the Motor and Drives

Inspect the motor and drives for wear and tear and check for signs of potential failure. Your motor should be properly lubricated to maintain smooth operation and to prevent damage.

Check and Adjust Chain Tension

Over time, the tension of the conveyor belt chain can become loose. Regularly check and adjust the chain tension to maintain its optimal state.

Check and Replace Belts When Necessary

Your conveyor’s belt should be checked frequently for signs of wear and tear. If any damage is visible, it should be replaced with a new belt.

Clean the Crown Gear

Regularly cleaning the crown gear can help reduce wear and tear on the crown gear and help to keep it in optimal condition.

Following these 5 maintenance tips will help you ensure that your belt conveyor crown is working at peak efficiency and avoiding unnecessary downtime.

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