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The Benefits of Using Belt Conveyor Crowns to Increase Efficiency

Belt conveyors, also known as belt drive systems, are essential components of many industrial processes, as they provide a simple, efficient way to move goods of various sizes from one area to another. However, their effectiveness and energy efficiency can be improved significantly with the addition of belt conveyor crowns.

What are Belt Conveyor Crowns?

Belt conveyor crowns are raised surfaces built into the belt which serve to increase efficiency, reduce friction, and improve safety for workers and materials. Crowns are designed to match the curvature of the belt, typically in a “V” shape, which allows them to create a shape that firmly grasps the material during transfer.

Benefits of Using a Crowned Belt Conveyor

  • Reduced Energy Use – Crowns create a controlling surface that minimizes the amount of energy required for a carrier to move a material or product.
  • Enhanced Safety – Crowns can keep materials on the belt and reduce the risk of a skid, jam, or deflecting which could be a potential hazard for workers.
  • Eliminated Belt Wear – The shape of the crown design helps to evenly distribute the load of the material or products on the belt which reduces wear on the belt.
  • Increased Efficiency – The design of the belt conveyor system can be customized to meet the varying speeds of your production process.


Adding crowns to your belt conveyor system can increase the efficiency and safety of your process, while helping to minimize energy and material costs. This simple and cost-effective solution is well worth the investment for any industrial process requiring the movement of goods.

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