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The Complete Guide to Finding the Right Belt Conveyor Crown for Your Conveyor System

Having a strong and reliable conveyor system is key to a successful business. But to ensure that your conveyor system runs smoothly and efficiently, you need to make sure you select the right belt conveyor crown. This guide will explain the importance of having the right crown, how to select it, and how maintain and replace a crown when needed.

What is a belt conveyor crown?

A conveyor crown is the curved portion of a pulley that transfers the force of the belt tension to the pulley’s bearings. The crown ensures that the belt runs smoothly, consistent, and is in proper alignment.

Types of Belt Conveyor Crowns

When selecting a belt conveyor crown, you have to consider the type of construction and application. The three basic types are:

  • Plain Crowns: These are simply curved pulleys without any grooves, teeth, or other features. They are best used for light-duty applications where the belt isn’t exposed to heavy shock loading or vibration.
  • V-Crowns: These are grooved pulleys with a V-shaped groove cut down the center. They are most effective when used with belts that are subject to shock loading or vibration, because they provide extra gripping power.
  • Tooth Crowns: Tooth crowns have large teeth cut into the curved faces of the pulley. These teeth provide extra grip, making them ideal for heavy-duty applications that require high tension and frequent reversing.

How to Select the Right Crown

When selecting a belt conveyor crown, you must consider the size of the conveyor system, type of belt being used, operating speed, and the application. You must also consider the load you are moving, the environment the system is operating in, and the pulley size.

Crown Maintenance and Replacement

Proper maintenance and timely replacement are essential for a well-functioning conveyor system. Check the crown every few months for signs of wear and tear. If the crown is worn or damaged, it should be replaced immediately. Furthermore, make sure to lubricate the pulleys regularly and inspect the bearings to ensure they are not worn out.


Selecting the right crown is essential to ensure your conveyor system runs smoothly and efficiently. Make sure you select the right type of crown and adhere to regular maintenance and inspection schedules to ensure that your system remains in peak condition.

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