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The mission is on your shoulders, the first heart is like a rock

This article is dedicated to each and every crown superhero who is working hard on the front line.

The mission is on your shoulders the first heart is like a rock 1

From a distance, this is a photo of the most common daily delivery. Six or seven trucks are lined up in the company’s delivery lane in turn, and the workers are either pulling the bundled ropes tightly, or covering the rain cloth to prevent the goods from getting wet in the middle, or checking the condition of the trucks to ensure safe travel.
It is the blood and sweat of hundreds of grassroots employees who work day and night, overcoming family and personal difficulties, and every employee who holds every ordinary post, carving and meticulously doing every process, so that they can be loaded on the trucks waiting for speeding, and installed in logistics centers all over the country, carrying the dreams of all logistics people. The dream of all logistics people is to turn their unique frequency and melody for the coming Double Eleven peak without disgracing their mission.
As a leading enterprise of logistics equipment and equipment, Double Eleven is a great event time to roll up your sleeves and do your best, and this year’s intense rhythm of Double Eleven comes a little earlier than previous years. Before entering July, the production department of the company ushered in the peak production season of the year early. The sudden early arrival of the busy season made all departments of Guanchao have to quickly switch to the high-pressure mode of the peak season. In the face of the swarming orders, all departments, according to the requirements of the company’s leadership, attached great importance to the ideology, seized the rhythm in time, and closely guarded in space, and entered the state of preparation to meet the double 11. Based on the company’s latest production capacity scheduling plan and the market situation, the company will take precise measures, seize the work schedule, overcome difficulties and rise to the occasion, and take practical actions to meet the battle.
“These busy and difficult at the moment, as long as we work together and twist into a rope is nothing.” Wearing masks and protective clothing, shuttle busy those figures, become the mission in the shoulder, the first heart like a rock. Workshop work belongs to the grassroots work, but also is exceptionally hard, exceptionally important position, they use their silent perseverance, expressing the new era of front-line workers responsibility and commitment. At the same time, a touching figure emerged in this battle. They are in the same boat, overcome the difficulties together, stick to the mission, and interpret their responsibility with responsibility. They have become one of the most beautiful scenery lines in the Guanchao workshop.

The mission is on your shoulders the first heart is like a rock 2

Cheng Changchun, originally a welder in the welding group, later served as the welding group leader because of his excellent work. Years and years of bending work, so he suffered from lumbar disc herniation, and the back muscles are seriously strained, the doctor advised that he must be bed rest for two months to improve. Two whole months, which makes Cheng Changchun how to sleep peacefully. He remembered the piles and piles of welding sheets and read the welding plates one by one, and he wanted to sweat like rain together with his team members to ignite the future of Guanchao step by step with the flame of a star. However, when he is tired of working, his waist is painful, but he still does not want to leave his job, not, we are also good at driving forklifts, and can continue to add bricks to the work of the welding group.

The mission is on your shoulders the first heart is like a rock 3

If you ask who is the employee of the company who is “sweaty in sunny days and muddy in rainy days”, it is Zhang Jingtao of the assembly department. Zhang Jingtao is the longest employee in the workshop, and did not lose his passion for work because of his age and seniority. In order to cope with the sudden order frenzy, the company has increased the input of temporary workers. For temporary workers such as short-term and inexperienced employees, it is difficult to organize production, Zhang Jingtao righteousness, patient guidance, careful teaching led them to do auxiliary work, the welding completed a section of the box, lifting to the assembly station, for assembly workers to save transfer time, improve the speed of assembly. Really did in the most ordinary position, shining out the greatest light.

The mission is on your shoulders the first heart is like a rock 4

Wang Feilong, a name that has become a miracle in Guanchao, is the NO.1 in the assembly workshop, and it is this one victory pose that has broken the historical record of 32 sets of assembly in a single month in the history of Guanchao. “Everyone is like Wang Feilong, no need to worry about production tasks” has become a powerful slogan for the workers of Guanchao to work hard. The young man born in ’94, who has only been employed for two years, arrives at work at 6:30 every morning, delays his meal for half an hour at noon, works overtime until 9:00 at night, and has no rest on weekends, plus other colleagues’ auxiliary cooperation work, which is such a kind of high-intensity, high-length and high-cooperation assembly strength, and gets the title of the first production of assembly.

The mission is on your shoulders the first heart is like a rock 5

Zhao Haifeng, a veritable woodpecker-type employee of the assembly department. In August this year, there was a batch of Indian export projects of some boxes due to various reasons, resulting in the appearance of the box does not meet the factory standards. At that time, all the boxes had almost been cast and finished, plus the delivery schedule was tight, so if we disassembled and baked again, it would not only waste time and manpower, but also could not guarantee that the equipment could be delivered on time. Foreign export cargo shipping schedule is fixed, affecting one day delivery, the whole delivery period is extended at least one week. At that time, Zhao Haifeng came forward and said that he had been in contact with similar repair work before and could give it a try. Later, Zhao Haifeng kept thinking, improve the repair program, and finally the appearance of the equipment has reached the factory quality inspection requirements. After a recognition of one person, everyone should strive to be a woodpecker, stand in the customer’s perspective “diagnosis” service, take the initiative to “catch bugs”, find out the specific problems and weak links affecting customer perception, promote the enterprise to take the initiative to improve, with practical action will really With practical actions, the brand of “Guanchao” will go out of the country and hit the foreign market.

The mission is on your shoulders the first heart is like a rock 6
The mission is on your shoulders the first heart is like a rock 6

Chen Cang, the well-deserved god of war of the after-sales department. What is the god of war? Where you need bricks, I am the brick, where you need soil, I am the square of soil, where you need guns and bullets, where I will rush. With the god of war in, there is no after-sales problem that can not be taken. Actively volunteered to go to the key after-sales areas, take the lead, once encountered difficult problems will take the initiative to think of solutions and share experience. In Xinjiang to deal with after-sales issues, suddenly encountered an epidemic outbreak, in the case of all public transport vehicles suspended, to find a broken bicycle, in the sparse Xinjiang froze on hundreds of kilometers, raiding to the train station to break out. When encountering difficult problems and important sites rushed ahead without regard to personal gains and losses. He took the initiative to propose remote areas to be handled by him, so as to get it done once and for all, without leaving any trouble behind and without increasing the cost of the company, leaving a good impression to the customers that Guanchao is the first in terms of product quality, and also the first in terms of after-sales service. It is such a kind of life rhythm of running to and fro, which has hardened a white-faced young man into a bearded god of war full of vicissitudes.
Liu Guangwei of the storage department was an employee of the installation department. As a military origin, he has always done things for the purpose of obeying the overall arrangement and following the instructions of the leadership. The busy production workshop brought about an increase in the volume of shipments. The company decided to transfer personnel from the installation department back to the factory to support the internal shipment, this person must have excellent on-site lifting ability, and at the same time to have a rich eye for counting materials to prevent delays in installation due to incomplete delivery of materials. Reviewing a circle, Liu Guangwei bears the brunt of the most suitable candidate. From the beginning of his arrival, the task of shipping has been heavy and the workload is large. He overcame many unfavorable factors and worked overtime, even overnight. At this time, his wife, who was at home alone with the children, was looking forward to his early return to help hold the children to ease their hands. While doing his wife’s ideological work, he led the other three comrades to complete the delivery plan arranged by the project department every day with quality and quantity.
Xue Binhai, a temporary worker of the company’s installation department, followed the installation brigade department to run around the country, and took the initiative to lead the installation this year to reduce the pressure on the department’s personnel. During the installation period, he learned that his daughter was hospitalized, and he just hurriedly came back to take a look and embarked on the travel train.
Comrades Wu Tongyin and Pan Zimin learned that the company’s orders had increased sharply during the recuperation period from work-related injuries, and that there was a shortage of workshop personnel, so they were anxious about the company’s urgency and thought about what the company wanted. Despite still recovering from injuries, insisted on coming back to support production. Their return to help, for welding workshop staffing has played a great role in enhancing.
Zhang Cuncang as the spraying group leader, usually work seriously and responsibly, everything first, in this year’s spraying group production can not keep up with the assembly, listen to the leadership arrangements resolutely lead a group of temporary workers to the old plant will be sprayed powder room operation, normal to ensure the supply of the box, its own is also not afraid of hardship, production quality a grasp, to the follow-up assembly production has contributed to the improvement.
Assembly Department Wang Sheng’s wife is pregnant and needs to be accompanied by care, but still step on the stars to go out and welcome the moon home to stick to their posts. Zhang Jian, another veteran employee of the assembly department, had a sudden change at home, but still insisted on his post and kept his performance of high assembly volume in a single month. Yang Chunhua, who was young and impulsive, worked overtime until eleven o’clock voluntarily. Similarly, there are numerous examples of people who overcame personal difficulties, persevered in their jobs, loved their work and did not care about their personal gains and losses, and were deeply moved by their hard work. They condense the spirit of love and dedication into their ordinary jobs, embody and realize the value of life with their practical actions, and carry forward the spirit of crown superheroes like iron.
Human life is like a flood, and it is difficult to stir up beautiful waves without meeting islands and reefs. Difficulties and pressure are not excuses to give up, but reasons to persist. From them, we can see the noble professional ethics and unselfish dedication of all crown superheroes, who dedicate all their passion and ability to crown super. They are the screws that are nailed to every product, articulating the long steel plates, connecting every belt and every motor, running to the distance and to the spiritual home of countless logistics people. In every ordinary and common job, they will continue to write their extraordinary life.
After the day is cold, then we know that the pines and cypresses wither; after the year is long, then we know the hardworking spirit of Guanchao people, a perseverance, a responsibility, all the employees of Guanchao are closely united under the leadership of the company’s leadership team, fighting together, struggling hard to meet the stable production of the Double 11.

General Manager Office
October 21, 2020

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