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Top Tips for Improving the Performance of Your Belt Conveyor Crown

The belt conveyor crown is an important component of a conveyor system, and it is important to ensure it is optimized for maximum performance. Here are some top tips that will help you increase the performance of your crown:

Regularly Clean and inspect the Crown

Cleaning and inspecting the crown regularly is essential to maintaining it at its peak performance. Carefully inspect the crown for any wear, dents or cracks that might be affecting its performance. If you notice any of these, make sure to take steps to rectify the problem.

Check the Bushings & Motors

Check the condition of the bushings and motors that are connected to the belt conveyor crown. Make sure that they are functioning properly and that there is no excessive wear or damage to them. If they are not working properly, they will affect the overall performance of the crown.

Control the Overloading of Belts

Overloading of the belts can cause excessive wear and tear, which can affect the performance of the crown. You should pay special attention to how many items are placed on the belts and ensure that they are not overloaded.

Check the Support Structure

The support structure is also an important component of the crown, and it should be inspected regularly to make sure it is in good condition. Check for any Signs of rust and corrosion, and make sure that it is secure and stable.

Regularly Lubricate the Belts and Motors

Lubricating the belts and motors will help them to move more freely and efficiently, which will increase the performance of the crown. Make sure to use the correct lubricants and ensure that they are applied regularly.

Ensure Correct Alignment

Correct alignment is essential for optimal performance of the crown. Make sure that the belts are properly aligned with the structure of the crown and that they are not loose or misaligned.

Reduce Vibrations

Reducing the level of vibrations produced by the belt conveyor crown can help to improve its performance. Make sure that the belts are securely attached to the frame, and adjust them if necessary.

Improve Power Efficiency

Improving the power efficiency of the conveyor crown can help to improve its overall performance. Make sure that it is using the latest motor technology and power saving techniques to reduce energy costs.

Check for Wear and Tear

Make sure to regularly check for any wear and tear on the conveyor crown, and take steps to rectify any problems that are found. This will help to ensure that the crown is running at its optimal performance.


These are some of the top tips to help improve the performance of your belt conveyor crown. By following these simple tips, you can maximize the performance of your crown and ensure that it runs at its peak efficiency.

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