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3 Tips for Keeping Your Belt Conveyor Crown in Top Shape

Belts are essential to conveyor systems, and keeping the crown of the belt in top shape will help them run better and last longer. Here are three tips offered by experts in the field to maintain healthy conveyor belts:

Tip #1: Low-Regular Maintenance

Regularly and properly adjusting the crown ensures that the belt is not subject to unnecessary wear. To avoid any major repairs down the line, periodic checks of the conveyor belt should be done. Professionals recommend that any adjustment be done slowly and in stages, allowing the belt and the drive to acclimate to the change.

Tip #2: Use the Right Nylon Cover

Using the appropriate nylon cover for the belt is essential for keeping the conveyor belt in proper condition. The right cover will protect the conveyor belt from breakage, damage, and acceleration. The cover must also be compatible with the belt material in order to work effectively.

Tip #3: Monitor the Pulleys

The pulleys must also be monitored to ensure that the crown shape of the conveyor belt is not impacted. This should include checking the side guides, the profile of the pulley, and the fatigue resistance of the pulleys. If any irregularities are found, corrective action should be taken immediately to prevent further damage to the conveyor belt.


Keeping your belt conveyor crown in top shape requires a measured approach. Regular maintenance, using the right nylon cover, and monitoring the pulleys will go a long way in helping you get the most out of your conveyor belt. Following these tips will help ensure your conveyor system maintains its peak performance.

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