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Application of extendable telescoping belt conveyor in production

Extendable telescoping belt conveyor refers to a conveyor that is equipped with a belt storage device in the fuselage and can adjust its length according to the change of the working surface position. The main difference between it and the fixed conveyor in structure is the addition of the mechanism of the telescopic conveyor belt, which greatly improves the transportation efficiency.


The extendable telescoping belt conveyor is one of the environmentally friendly equipments for the box transportation system. It adds a telescopic mechanism to the ordinary belt conveyor, and the belt conveyor can freely expand and contract in the long and short directions. Users can adjust the buttons according to their own requirements and manipulate the length of the conveyor at will. Customers can choose the extendable telescoping belt conveyor with automatic lifting device according to their own needs, so that the height of the top of the conveyor can be manipulated at will.


In the fully mechanized mining work, due to the fast advancing speed of the working face, it is required that the conveyor equipment can be extended or shortened flexibly. The extendable telescoping belt conveyor is a special equipment for the conveyor.


Features of extendable telescoping belt conveyor

The extendable telescoping belt conveyor is the equipment for fast and continuous conveying in the coal mining industry. Compared with other conveying equipment (such as locomotives), it has the advantages of long telescopic distance, large transportation volume, continuous telescopic expansion, etc., and the operation is reliable, which is convenient for automation and centralized operation. Especially in high-yield and fast mines, the telescopic belt conveyor has become the main equipment of coal mine machinery automation technology equipment.

5 Sections Telescopic Conveyor

The main feature of the extendable telescoping belt conveyor is that the whole can be easily retracted, the belt storage bin is set up, the tail rudder can be extended or shortened with the advancement of the coal mining face, the structure is compact, and it can be directly laid on the roadway chassis without setting the foundation. The frame is light and easy to disassemble. When the telescopic capacity and transport distance are large, the equipment can be equipped with intermediate drives. According to the requirements of the telescopic process, it can be telescopic with a single machine, or it can be combined with horizontal or inclined transport equipment to expand and retract materials.


Application of extendable telescoping belt conveyor in production

  1. Widely used in production, such as seaports, subway stations, airports, warehouses, mines, post and telecommunications, especially tobacco.
  2. There is a telescopic mechanism, which can be stretched at any distance in a certain area in the long and short directions of the belt to meet the flexible application of customers and further improve productivity.
  3. It can be combined with lifting platform, roller conveyor, assembly line, etc. to form a complete three-dimensional automatic transportation system. And carry out freight logistics work from incoming raw materials to manufacturing, assembly, finished product warehousing, and factory loading.
  4. There are three-section, four-section and five-section telescopic belt conveyors, and the conveying speed can be adjusted by variable frequency to realize manufacturing work of various strengths.
  5. It can be fixed type, mobile type or hydraulic lifting type, which can meet the requirements of different sites and workbench heights and provide convenience for users.


Product design

After finite element mechanical analysis, the extendable telescoping belt conveyor has a more reasonable structure and can withstand harsh loading and unloading environments. All moving parts shall be secured to meet safety standards. The double bearing telescoping device helps the belt to unfold at the same time as the manipulator, and is stable over the entire service life of the extendable telescoping belt conveyor.


Color: Any color can be selected according to customer requirements.


Control panel: The front of the machine, or the left and right sides of the front can be configured.


Hand lever: put on either side of the front end, push the lever, the machine is retracted, release the lever, the machine stops, to ensure safety.

Extendable Telescoping Belt Conveyor

Safety Features: Emergency stop buttons are located on the front and rear of the machine; Safety eject drums are located on the front of the machine (without power); All rotating parts are secured, including the bottom of the machine; Rubber brushes and rubber covers prevent hand pinching; the bumper strip is located on the front of the machine.


Signal exchange: The telescopic belt conveyor can transmit signals to and from the packet processing system.


The advantage of Guanchao telescopic belt conveyors is their ergonomic working conditions. With a joystick or a button, the telescopic belt conveyor can go anywhere the operator needs. Loading and unloading can be carried out efficiently and easily with any stretching action. The telescopic action is fed back to the operator through electric quick response, and the user can choose our product model according to the length of the truck. The belt conveyor is divided into 3 sections, 4 sections and 5 sections. Each type has a variety of body lengths to choose from, and the extension angle is generally between -1° and 2°, but it can also be customized according to customer needs.


As a professional extendable telescopic conveyor for loading and unloading supplier, the equipment and system independently developed by the company can save a lot of comprehensive costs such as operation management cost, human resource cost, handling cost and time cost for the logistics express industry. We have many years of production experience and excellent product quality, if you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us, we look forward to establishing a mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation relationship with you.

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