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How much do you know about belt conveyors?

Characteristics, types, structures and working principles of belt conveyors

(1) Features of belt conveyor:

It has the advantages of large transportation capacity, low working resistance, low power consumption, long transportation distance, long service life, small crushing effect on coal, low noise, safety and reliability, etc. Therefore, it has been widely used.


(2) Types of belt conveyors:

According to different traction methods, belt conveyors can be divided into two types: drum driven type and wire rope traction type. According to the strength of the conveyor belt, it can be divided into general type and strong type; according to the different functions of the belt conveyor, it can be divided into transfer type, telescopic type and fixed type; according to the different installation methods of the belt conveyor belt, it can be divided into falling type, hanging type and combined type.


(3) The working principle of belt conveyor

The conveyor belts (or wire ropes) are connected in a closed loop, and they are tensioned by a tensioning device. (or wire rope) runs continuously, so as to achieve the purpose of transporting the load from the loading end to the unloading end.

angled fixed belt conveyor

Safety protection device for belt conveyor

There are two main functions of the belt conveyor safety protection device: one is to prevent fire accidents on the belt conveyor; the other is to protect the conveyor belt. Therefore, the safety protection device must be complete, complete, reliable, easy to operate, and control.


Types and protection principles of belt conveyor safety protection devices

(1) Types of safety protection devices

According to the regulations: When using a roller-driven belt conveyor, the driving roller anti-skid protection, coal stacking protection and anti-deviation device, temperature protection, smoke protection and automatic sprinkler must be installed.


(2) The protection principle of the safety protection device

  1. The working principle of the anti-deviation protection device

The deviation of the conveyor belt during the operation of the belt conveyor is a common fault. If it is not protected, the conveyor belt will be torn due to the deviation. At present, most of the belt conveyors use the travel switch anti-deviation protection device. It consists of an anti-deviation sensor and a control box. When the conveyor belt deviates, the conveyor belt immediately touches the transmission rod of the sensor, so that the moving contact of the sensor and the fixed contact are in contact, and the belt is controlled by the control box to stop the conveyor at the break point. Generally, a roller travel switch with a handle is used to detect the deviation of the conveyor belt.


  1. The working principle of the anti-skid protection device

Anti-skid protection device, also known as slip protection device. It is a device that detects whether the driving roller and the conveyor belt slip by detecting the speed change of the conveyor belt. Because the conveyor belt on the driving roller slips, the belt speed will be reduced. If the conveyor belt slips for a long time, the conveyor belt fire accident may occur. During the normal operation of the conveyor, when the belt speed is reduced to a certain value, the protection device will generate a slipping low-speed alarm signal. After a certain period of time, the speed of the driving drum is lower than 70% of the normal speed, and an automatic stop command will be issued to stop the operation of the conveyor belt. It can protect the conveyor belt and avoid unnecessary frequent braking.

Curve Conveyor

  1. Coal pile protection device, also called coal level protection device.

It is a device used to detect whether the coal bunker is full or whether the transfer point is accumulated and blocked. When coal stacking occurs, the coal stacking protection device controls the belt conveyor to stop. There are two main types of coal pile protection devices: carbon pole type and pendulum type.


  1. Anti-tear protection device

The tear-proof protection device consists of a tear-proof sensor and a control box. The tear-proof sensor is usually installed in front of the coal feeder or under the upper conveyor belt a few meters from the loading point. The conveyor belt longitudinal tear protection device is commonly used in coal mines. The function of the anti-tear protection device is to control the belt conveyor to stop in time when the belt conveyor has a longitudinal tear accident to prevent tearing accidents. expand.


  1. Smoke temperature alarm fire extinguishing system device

The smoke temperature alarm fire extinguishing system device can continuously monitor the temperature and smoke changes of the mine belt conveyor system. When the temperature around the belt conveyor and the concentration of smoke and dust reach the set value, the alarm in the device will send out an audible and visual alarm, and at the same time, the power will be cut off, and water will be sprinkled to extinguish the fire.


  1. Backstop protection device

The function of the backstop protection device is to prevent the belt conveyor that is inclined upwards from reversing and flying.


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