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Belt Conveyors for Logistics Sorting Lines

With the continuous advancement of science and technology, the production of enterprises has become more standardized and efficient. The development of the logistics express industry is also getting faster and faster, and sorting work is an important part of the industry. Improving the sorting efficiency of logistics express and reducing labor costs is a point that the logistics express industry is very concerned about. So how can it help improve the sorting work of the logistics express industry? The following will introduce the application of belt conveyor in logistics express sorting line:


Curved belt conveyor

Belt conveyors can be used in sorting operations in the logistics and express industry, and can sort goods continuously and in large quantities. When the belt conveyor is used in logistics sorting operations, it can also become a logistics sorting line. The belt conveyor can be used in the sorting and conveying of various goods in the logistics express industry. The belt conveyor can be applied to the conveying and sorting operations of boxes, bags and other items. It can continuously sort the goods, and the sorting error rate is also very low, which has brought a lot of help to customers. When the belt conveyor participates in the sorting operation to help customers improve efficiency, it also helps the logistics express industry to save costs and achieve better development!


How to improve the production efficiency of the logistics sorting line? No matter what kind of assembly line equipment is used, it is to improve the production efficiency of the enterprise itself and help it reduce labor costs. How can we improve the automatic production efficiency of the assembly line? This is a topic of concern to many customers.


First of all, to make this kind of equipment “run faster and more accurately” requires good technical design, and it must be equipped with an operation to control the speed during production. Adjust to the fastest value to avoid sorting errors.


Then there is the daily maintenance work, this step is very critical, because only the equipment is guaranteed to be in a normal state to ensure the quality and quantity of the daily fixed-point production, so we must strengthen the maintenance of the assembly line equipment in peacetime, and help the enterprise to produce a step closer.


Finally, we all know that in addition to good equipment, skilled operators or administrators are also required. These two are indispensable in the workshop.

Turning Curve Belt Conveyor 

Daily maintenance knowledge of belt conveyor

A Belt conveyor is a kind of equipment commonly used in the conveying industry. It has fast conveying speed, stable operation, no noise, and can realize stepless speed regulation. It can be widely used in feed, fertilizer, packaging, logistics and other industries. The turning device of the belt conveyor is the same as other equipment, and it is maintained daily and monthly.


The belt conveyor shall loosen the tape on schedule, and check the special-shaped rollers in contact with the tape to see if their rolling is flexible and reliable. If there are any inflexible special-shaped rollers, they should be removed and replaced in time to ensure the normal operation of the device and prevent the tape from being worn. The replacement method of the special-shaped roller is to unscrew the top wire on the shaft seats at both ends of the steering drum, roll the steering drum, replace the special-shaped roller, and then tighten the top wire on the shaft seat.


  1. The belt conveyor regularly checks whether the bolts at each connection are loose, and if they are loose, they should be tightened in time.
  2. During the operation of the belt conveyor, the special-shaped roller on the side of the steering roller that is not in contact with the tape can be removed in one part, so as to facilitate sewage discharge and replacement of the special-shaped roller. Especially on occasions where there are a lot of slimes. Note: When the equipment is running, the top wires on the shaft seats at both ends of the steering drum must be firm!
  3. On the belt conveyor, unscrew the screw plug at the end of the reversing roller shaft and inject butter to ensure the lubrication of the bearing and prolong the service life of the roller.
  4. During the use of the belt conveyor, the coal lumps and slime between the special-shaped rollers should be cleaned in time to prevent the special-shaped rollers from sticking to each other and wearing out the belt. Pressure air should be used; water pipe should not be used for rinsing, if water enters the special-shaped roller, its service life will be shortened.
  5. Every time the belt conveyor runs for one week, the steering drum should be turned 60 degrees to ensure smooth operation. When adjusting, loosen the top wire on both ends of the shaft seat, and close the top wire after the adjustment is completed.


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