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Installation standards and advantages of telescopic boom conveyor

Telescopic boom conveyor installation standard

In order to further standardize the installation of telescopic boom conveyors and ensure installation standards and safety, the industry has made the following regulations and requirements for the installation of telescopic boom conveyors:

First, the belt width of the standard telescopic boom conveyor in use today is 800mm. (Other widths can be customized).

Second, when the telescopic boom conveyor is installed, when the person in charge of the installation is working, organize the employees of the purchasing enterprise to study the regulations, arrange the work tasks on the shift, and emphasize the relevant technical requirements.

Third, preparations before construction:

  1. Before installation, confirm that the received machine should be in good condition;
  2. Select the installation location and mark it;
  3. Prepare various installation and lifting equipment.

Fourth, telescopic conveyor for loading and unloading requirements:

  1. Before loading, make sure the vehicle is in good condition. Mainly use vans, guardrail trailers, and semi-vans;
  2. Before loading, confirm the parking position of the vehicle and the size of the compartment;
  3. When loading, pay attention to the placement position of the loading and unloading products, and the weight of the placed products;
  4. Before unloading, pay attention to the length of the vehicle compartment, and park on the unloading platform (to avoid the wrong length of the vehicle and equipment);
  5. Before unloading, it will be confirmed that there are no other foreign objects on the machine and that the extension distance is long enough;
  6. When unloading, pay attention to the safety of the outermost cargo. (Never stand on the machine to unload);
  7. When unloading, transporting, and positioning, prevent the occurrence of accidents such as slipping under your feet, bumping your feet and squeezing your hands.

Telescopic Boom Conveyor

Safe operation of telescopic boom conveyor.

  1. The operator is not allowed to leave the post while the belt is running, and it is forbidden to carry out maintenance while the belt is running.
  2. No one is allowed to walk or sit and rest on the belt. It is forbidden to pass on and off the belt, and it is forbidden to arbitrarily place tools, materials and objects on the belt.
  3. The operator should wear protective equipment, fasten the cuffs, do not open the clothes, and do not tie the pants and cuffs with ropes. They must wear a work cap, and the tresses should be covered in the cap.
  4. Before driving, you should conduct an empty test run to confirm that there is no problem before driving.
  5. The telescopic boom conveyor should be started with no load. Before stopping, the material must be unloaded. Overload and overspeed operation are prohibited.
  6. When multiple telescopic boom conveyors are connected and used, they should be started in sequence from the discharge port to the feed port when driving, and the opposite is true when parking.
  7. When the belt is running, if there is abnormal situation or abnormal noise, it must be stopped and checked.
  8. To correct the deviation of the belt, when cleaning the running parts of the belt drum and idler, it must be stopped. During the operation of the belt, strictly shovel, scrape, clean or use a broom with hands, wooden sticks, bamboo chips, iron shovels and other materials. clean up.

telescopic boom conveyor

Advantages of telescopic boom conveyor

Telescopic boom conveyors can be widely used in various industries, and in use, it brings convenience to the transportation and loading and unloading work of various industries. Do you know what advantages telescopic boom conveyors have? Today I will give you a brief introduction to the advantages of telescopic belt conveyors.


  1. The telescopic boom conveyor is a conveying equipment with simple structure, convenient installation, and easy daily maintenance.
  2. The telescopic boom conveyor has a flexible and telescopic structure, which makes it very convenient in daily use. Customers can extend it to the required length and adjust it to a suitable height for flexible and stable transportation of goods when in use. After use, it can be shrunk up and moved to a spare place. After being shrunk, the floor space of it can be greatly reduced, which saves space for production and work.
  3. There are various types of telescopic boom conveyors, good performance and relatively low price. Users can choose a suitable product according to their needs.
  4. The caster device is easy to move, the lifting device can flexibly adjust the unit or the overall height, and can also be adjusted to a slightly inclined surface.
  5. The new telescopic conveyor can be more convenient and labor-saving after being driven by electric drum or micro-motor.


In today’s rapid economic development, all walks of life have also been developed rapidly, and the speed of product upgrading is also getting faster and faster. It is not only the most efficient in continuous material conveying machinery, but also one of the more commonly used conveyors. It has small working resistance, low power consumption, large conveying volume and stable performance, thereby reducing the operating cost of labor-intensive enterprises and improving the work efficiency of enterprises, so it is favored by everyone.


Jiangsu Guancho Logistics Technology is a professional belt conveyor manufacturer. The telescopic conveyor for loading and unloading produced by our company can load and unload goods efficiently and easily through any stretching action. Additionally, on our website we can provide guides to standard solutions. If you have any questions, please tell us your requirements and we will propose a safe and economical solution.

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