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International brand extendable telescoping belt conveyor

In recent years, with the rapid development of e-commerce, express delivery, and retail industries, enterprises’ requirements for rapid sorting capabilities have continued to increase, and labor costs have continued to rise. Relying on simple crowd tactics can no longer solve the problem of order processing during the peak sales period. Therefore, it is imperative to increase the investment in logistics automation equipment, which will undoubtedly drive the rapid development of the conveying and sorting equipment market.


The principle of extendable telescoping belt conveyor:

The extendable telescoping belt conveyor is a telescoping mechanism added to the ordinary belt conveyor, so that the belt conveyor can freely expand and contract in the length direction.


The working principle of the telescopic roller conveyor is the same as that of the ordinary roller conveyor. Extendable telescoping belt conveyor is a kind of continuous transportation equipment, mainly using rollers as traction and load-bearing machinery. Compared with ordinary roller conveyors, extendable telescoping belt conveyors have more devices, such as belt storage, winding up and laying down; when the roller of the telescopic belt conveyor enters the belt storage device, the tail of the extendable telescoping belt conveyor will retract; on the contrary, the tail of the telescopic belt conveyor will extend, so that the conveyor has telescopic performance.


Extendable telescoping belt conveyor structure overview The telescoping roller conveyor is divided into three parts: the fixed part, the non-fixed part, and the electric control part. The extendable telescoping belt conveyor is a fixed part of the device, such as: head transmission, storage, roll, etc.; there are also non-bolt connection, tail, and other non-fixed parts composed of quick and detachable brackets of the telescoping belt conveyor. The electrical control part consists of a control cabinet, a wireless control device, an intelligent telescopic length controller, etc.

extendable telescoping belt conveyor

Extendable telescoping belt conveyors are available in four configurations as follows:

  1. Machine head transmission:

The extendable telescoping belt conveyor head drive consists of a drive roller, a reducer, a fluid coupling, a frame, a discharge roller, and a cleaner. The driving part of the entire conveyor of the extendable telescoping belt conveyor is the head transmission device, so the torque transmission to the two transmission rollers is completed by the two motors through the hydraulic coupling and the reducer, respectively, but in this process, a group of motors, fluid couplings, and reducers need to be removed.


  1. Seat belt retractor:

Located at the rear of the tensioning winch, it consists of a frame, a self-aligning roller, a reducer, a motor, a rotating rod, etc. The main uses of extendable telescoping belt conveyor tightening and loosening devices are:

Telescopic conveyor belts can be added to or removed from the conveyor belt. There are rotating rods installed at both ends and at the rear end of the frame, respectively, for clamping the main belt when increasing or decreasing the belt. Guide rollers are used for pulley tensioning and belt removal. When the telescopic belt conveyor is working, it is necessary to use the tailstock to jack up one end of the frame when the drum moves forward.

The other end can be placed on the top of the output shaft of the reducer, and the dial drives the output shaft of the drum through the reducer, wraps the belt, and releases the belt. When the belt is unloaded, the motor is not turned on, and the pulley of the telescopic belt conveyor is dragged from the outside to reverse. When the movable track is not working, it can be suspended on the frame with bolts, and by reducing the width, a lifting device can be set on the movable track to suspend the roller. The width of the roadway should be widened according to the actual situation to facilitate the operation of the belt.


  1. Intermediate frame:

The middle frame of the telescopic belt conveyor is a quick-detachable boltless bracket, which is composed of steel pipe, an H-shaped bracket, and idler rollers (flat plate, hook-shaped groove, and V-shaped). It is the unfixed part of the telescopic belt conveyor machinery, in which the steel pipe of the telescopic belt conveyor can be used as the disassembly of the body, fixed on the steel pipe with a pin, a 30° groove angle, and a hook-shaped groove that can be touched by a small hammer. The idler pulley is hung on the pin through the tooth slot, which can move forward and backward, adjusting the position of the idler pulley and controlling the deviation of the belt.

extendable telescoping belt conveyor

  1. Feeding device and unloading device:

The feeding device is installed behind the retractable device of the extendable telescoping belt conveyor. It starts to turn from the telescoping belt conveyor and is connected with the turning. The material is conveyed from the feeding section to the unloading section, and unloaded in the inclined idler; The tail roller seat is composed of a bracket fixed on one end of the guide rail by bolts.

In addition, another guide rail is suitable for uneven bottom plates, and the same roller can be interchanged and interchangeable. The position of its telescopic belt conveyor shaft can be adjusted by bolts, and the deviation of the conveyor belt at the end of the machine can also be adjusted. The front end of the tail drum is equipped with a scraper, which can scrape off the pulverized coal or pulverized coal on the surface of the drum, collect it in the mud tank, and take it out through a special pulling mud plate. In addition, a buffer idler set is installed at the rear of the machine, which can reduce the impact of lump coal on the belt when receiving materials.


Users can adjust the buttons according to their own requirements to control the length of the conveyor at any time. On models equipped with an automatic lift, the user can also control the height of the conveyor end at any time. Extendable telescoping belt conveyors are mainly used in vehicle handling and material transmission systems with telescoping requirements. It greatly shortens the distance of manual transportation of materials back and forth, shortens loading and unloading time, reduces labor intensity, reduces damage to goods, reduces loading and unloading costs, and improves work efficiency. The extendable telescoping belt conveyor can move the material in both directions. The telescopic belt conveyor can be used in conjunction with other conveying equipment and material sorting systems to realize automatic production of materials in and out of warehouses or vehicle loading and unloading, especially in the tobacco industry.


The extendable telescoping belt conveyor produced by Guanchao Logistics Technology is compact, small in size, light in weight and easy to adjust. As a professional telescopic boom conveyor supplier, we have advanced technology and excellent product quality. If you have any questions about our products, you are welcome to consult us, and we look forward to establishing a cooperative relationship with you.

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