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The Development History of Extendable Belt Conveyor

With the rapid economic development, the rapid production of enterprises is inseparable from the automatic conveying system. In the composed automatic conveying system, the application of extendable belt conveyor is an indispensable part of the mechanization and automation of the material handling system.


Extendable belt conveyors have a very long history. If we want to trace the development of conveyors, we can trace them to ancient Chinese high-drum trucks and water-lifting overturns at the earliest. The use principle of these two is very similar to the design principle of modern conveyors, which can be said to be the prototype of the development of modern conveyors.


In foreign history, the ancient Greek philosopher Archimedes invented a screw pump, which uses the continuous rotation of the screw to press the liquid from one sealing chamber to another sealing chamber in a spiral manner, and finally squeezes out the pump body. This kind of spiral water pump is the prototype of today’s spiral belt conveyor.


In the past 30 years, with the development of industrial technology, social productivity and labor costs, the requirements for work efficiency have been continuously improved. Let express, logistics, factories, warehouses and other places in labor-intensive industries have a new pursuit of employee work efficiency.

Extendable Belt Conveyor

Naturally, among the most used conveyors, great strides have been made in transport conveying equipment. Now, the development direction of extendable belt conveyor can be roughly divided into the following types:

  1. Turning curve belt conveyor: suitable for manufacturers of various flow operations, logistics transportation of small and medium-sized items, power system adopts frequency conversion speed regulation system, stable performance, safe and reliable, simple operation, line speed is generally 30 meters per minute .
  2. Climbing belt conveyor: use the continuous or intermittent motion of the conveyor belt to transport items below 500kg, or powder or granular items. The climbing belt conveyor is used for the level difference, which can complete the continuous conveying, and can be smoothly connected with the roller conveyor or the chain conveyor.
  3. Narrow belt conveyor: It is mainly composed of two end rollers and a closed conveyor belt tightly sleeved on it, which is driven by the friction between the driving roller and the conveyor belt. In addition to pure material transportation, it can also match processing requests with various industrial production processes to form rhythmic and streamlined traffic routes.
  4. Extendable belt conveyor: Extendable belt conveyor adds a telescopic mechanism to the ordinary belt conveyor, so that the belt conveyor can freely expand and contract in the length direction, and the extendable belt conveyor can run in both directions to transport materials, reduce loading and unloading costs, and improve work efficiency.


Belt conveyor is a kind of conveying machinery and equipment with a wide range of uses. It plays a very important role in the transportation and conveying of short-distance solid blocks, sub-packaged materials and finished articles in cement, chemical, steel, metallurgy and other industries.

With the development of all walks of life, modern conveying is becoming more and more attention to the mode of simplicity, speed and low cost. The original belt conveyor has been unable to meet the increasingly diversified market requirements. In order to save time and cost for enterprises, the extendable belt conveyor was born.


Advantages of extendable belt conveyor

Strong adaptability, low cost, convenient maintenance and simple operation. Telescopic belt conveyor is a kind of equipment used for bidirectional transmission of materials. As the name implies, telescopic is to add a telescopic device on the basis of the original belt conveyor, which can make the belt conveyor extend limited in length. It can freely expand and contract to adapt to the environment within the limit, so the extendable belt conveyor has higher adaptability and stronger adaptability than the traditional belt conveyor. Moreover, the operation method of the machine is also very simple. You can adjust the buttons of the machine according to your own needs, and you can control the length within a limited distance.

Extendable Belt Conveyor

Application and benefits of extendable belt conveyor

Improve work efficiency, shorten loading and unloading time, shorten the distance of manual handling, reduce product damage, reduce labor intensity, and reduce loading and unloading costs. Because the extendable belt conveyor can operate in two directions, it is mainly used in the loading and unloading of material vehicles and material transmission systems that require telescopic transmission. It can also be used in conjunction with other types of conveying equipment or material sorting equipment to achieve material vehicles The automation of loading and unloading, and the intelligentization of materials in and out of storage are widely used in the tobacco industry, for example.


Mechanical principle of extendable belt conveyor

First of all, it should be understood that the length of the belt is unchanged. Although the telescopic machine can be stretched, its essence is to add a telescopic mechanism to the initial extendable belt conveyor, which can allow the belt to freely expand and contract within a limited range in length. In addition, the conveyor belt relies on the motor to drive the rollers. The lifting and running of the whole machine are non-motorized. The mobile conveyor is suitable for the loading and unloading of bulk or bulk items and the transportation work within a short distance. The recovery of the belt requires a belt storage device, whose function is to temporarily fold and store the excess belt of the retractable belt conveyor during the stretched and shrinkage process, so as to achieve safe and reliable construction. In order to facilitate the continuous progress of the work and the need to retreat during the operation.


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