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Guanchao convinces visitors at the CeMAT

CeMAT Asia Logistic Exhibition, Shanghai, 26.10.2021-29.10.2021-The positive effect of the CeMAT can still be clearly felt at the Guanchao Logistic technology Co.Ltd. While we work on our conversation notes and our exhibits are set up again at home, we look back on four eventful and interesting days at the fair. The Image of our booth was shaped by many targeted visitors and intensive discussions, which completely filled the 272 square meters.

With a total of 10 colleagues, 5 different exhibits and many new contacts, the leading industry trade fair in Shanghai can to an end for us last week. Our telescopic-, curved-, angled-, and spiral belt conveyor could be seen here.

The trade fair appearance was a complete success for everyone involved:  we attracted many foreign customers by virtue of our product advantages, especially Indian customers signed intentional orders on the spot. The increase in the flow of visitors confirms that CeMAT, as the leading trade fair, has become indispensable in our industry. We would like to thank all visitors, customers and colleagues for a successful CeMAT 2021 and look forward to the next trade fair in Shanghai.

Guanchao convinces visitors at the CeMAT

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