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Together, we can move forward – 2020 Year-end Summary and Award Ceremony

The silver mouse sings to celebrate the old year
The golden ox is running to welcome the new year
The overture of the New Year has been played
All of us at Crown Superman are in high spirits
Welcome the company’s 2020 year-end summary and award ceremony
Don’t forget the way we came, and build up a new journey!
The spring sunshine warms the earth, and all things begin to renew. In the morning of February 2, Guanchao held the 2020 year-end summary and award ceremony.

Together we can move forward 1

The honorable recognition is both encouragement and expectation, and it is also a kind of responsibility. 2020 saw a number of active and enterprising, practical and willing employees and cadres emerge from all departments of Guanchao. The General Assembly firstly commended the best newcomer, the best skill award, excellent employees and excellent cadres in 2020.
Best Newcomer Award

Together we can move forward 2

Best Skill Award

Together we can move forward 3

Excellent Staff

Together we can move forward 4

Excellent cadres

Together we can move forward 5

With warm applause, the commended representatives went to the stage to receive the awards in turn. They have a firm pace, valiant posture and vigorous spirit. The honorary certificate in their hands is not only the affirmation of the work in the past year, but also the motivation to move forward in the future.
After that, Vice General Manager Jin Shenghua delivered a speech, first of all, he expressed his sincere thanks to all the employees for their hard work in the past year. 2020 was an extraordinary year, a year in which all the employees concentrated their efforts to seize the opportunities, and we created one miracle after another by fighting the epidemic and rushing the production. There were many touching and sad stories in this year. Under the decision-making leadership of Chairman Wang and General Manager Zhu, the company comprehensively coordinated the epidemic prevention and control work, accurately planned the company’s development strategy, delivered a satisfactory and proud answer sheet, and achieved significant growth in performance under the extreme test. In 2021, we look at our situation and tasks this year: first, do a good job in human resources reserve, cultivate talent ladder, and do a good job in talent allocation for expanding business. Secondly, each department will do a good job of management strictly, complete all production tasks with quality and quantity, and deliver satisfactory products to customers.

Together we can move forward 6

Finally, General Manager Zhu Weiqian made an important speech for this annual year-end summary and award ceremony. Mr. Zhu said that in 2020, all staffs of Guanchao actively implemented all the work deployments, struggled hard, worked hard and started business, overcame the impact of the new crown epidemic, fully completed the operation indexes and made remarkable achievements in various undertakings.
Mr. Zhu stressed that 2021 is the opening year of the 14th Five-Year Plan, the opening year of the new journey of building a modern socialist country, and the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party. We should focus on management improvement and promote high-quality development. In order to accomplish the target tasks in 2021, ensure high-quality steady growth, ensure healthy and sustainable development of the enterprise and ensure the continuous improvement of employees’ happiness, we should do a good job in key tasks: First, we should do a good job in production and operation under the epidemic prevention and control to achieve high-quality, high-efficiency and sustainable growth; second, we should do a good job in the industry and promote the further improvement of the influence of Guanchao brand in the industry. Thirdly, we should do a solid job of upgrading management against first-class standards and push the management level of Guanchao to a new level; fourthly, we should do a solid job of work style, take the spirit of Guanchao Iron Group as the driving force, face the risk challenges directly and build a team that dares to fight, can fight hard and win battles.
Finally, Mr. Zhu, on behalf of the company, sent New Year’s greetings and blessings to all employees as the Spring Festival was approaching.

Together we can move forward 7

In 2020, all employees of Guanchao wrote a new chapter of career development with their hard sweat, and there is a long way to go in the coming years. Let’s build dreams and bloom together. Let us follow closely the pace of the company’s development in the new year, and achieve new leaps and new heights in 2021 with more full enthusiasm and fighting spirit and more pragmatic style!

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