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Riding the Wave of Double Eleven, Vowing to create miracle for Guanchao|Jiangsu Guanchao double eleven pledge conference

In this season full of harvest joy
Guanchao ushered in the 2020 double 11 pledge meeting
All of us are mobilized to clarify the goal and drum up morale!
The war drums are beating and the sound is shaking the sky!
We are ready to go!
Go for it! Go for it! Let’s go!
We are determined to win the Double 11!

Riding the Wave of Double Eleven Vowing to Create Miracle for GuanchaoJiangsu Guanchao Double Eleven Pledge Conference3

In order to meet the “Double Eleven”, to boost the morale of all staff, to clarify the operation points, and to encourage everyone to carry forward the excellent style of “Dare to fight hard and be able to win”, the company organized a Double Eleven pledge meeting for all staff in the morning of November 7.Riding the Wave of Double Eleven Vowing to Create Miracle for GuanchaoJiangsu Guanchao Double Eleven Pledge Conference1

The meeting was firstly explained by the after-sales service department minister Zhu, now the company is running more and more equipment outside, and the work task is getting heavier and heavier, we should be ready to bear hardships, and at the same time, we should also play our subjective initiative. There are problems to find ways to overcome, no conditions to create conditions to complete, flexible response. While safeguarding good work, we should do our own safety protection.

Riding the Wave of Double Eleven Vowing to Create Miracle for GuanchaoJiangsu Guanchao Double Eleven Pledge Conference3

Zhao Guangcai of the assembly department spoke as a representative of the personnel who went out to protect, “Difficulties can only sharpen people, difficulties are like springs, if you are strong it is weak, if you are weak it is strong. Challenging difficulties requires not only your courage, but also wisdom and perseverance, and more importantly, an unwavering heart. So we go out this time to be not afraid of hardship, not afraid of tiredness, determined to overcome the difficulties to show the most complete side to our customers. We should not only be on call 24 hours a day, but also show our high technical level and let our customers know that Guanchao is the first in quality and the first in service!

Riding the Wave of Double Eleven Vowing to Create Miracle for GuanchaoJiangsu Guanchao Double Eleven Pledge Conference2

The chairman gave the flag of Guanchao Iron Group to two representatives of outgoing personnel; the representatives took the battle flag and received the heavy responsibility. Minister Ge Haojie had the feeling that we spelled production in the first half of the year, worked overtime and completed the production tasks outstandingly, so that customers gave us a thumbs up to Guanchao. Double 11 protection work spell service, good service to have next year’s orders, to do the same frequency and vibration, extremely fast response, in the face of difficulties to rise to the occasion, the narrow road is brave to win. This is a big test of our ability, behind which is a challenge, but also an opportunity. In order to deliver a satisfactory answer sheet, to live up to the customer’s trust, and for a better tomorrow of the company, we must do our best to struggle today. Minister Ge’s impassioned and generous speech was loud and clear and won everyone’s warm applause. After that, Mr. Ge led all the staff of Guanchao to take an oath to ensure the completion of the Double 11 guarantee task.

Riding the Wave of Double Eleven Vowing to Create Miracle for GuanchaoJiangsu Guanchao Double Eleven Pledge Conference5

After that, the awarding ceremony of Innovation Suggestion Award was held, and Mr. Zhu gave awards to two colleagues, Mr. Zhang Jingtao and Mr. Geng Qi.

Riding the Wave of Double Eleven Vowing to Create Miracle for GuanchaoJiangsu Guanchao Double Eleven Pledge Conference4

Mr. Zhu recalled that 2020 was an extraordinary year, with the outbreak of Wuhan New Crown Epidemic at the beginning of the year, the whole country, under the leadership of the Party, won the battle against the New Crown Epidemic. We, Crown Superman, also showed our extraordinary fighting power. Everyone reported to the company in an organized and orderly manner under the organization of the company. Immediately after arriving at the company, we entered into working condition and completed the production tasks of the first half of the year before 618 in an outstanding manner. The continuous sales orders in the second half of the year brought great pressure to the production, and many people were worried that the task would not be completed, but with the full cooperation, solidarity and joint efforts of our various departments, we achieved a complete success. For this year’s Double Eleven security work Zhu put forward a few requirements.
1. Double 11 security work is of great significance, we must raise awareness from the ideological point of view, fully understand the importance of double 11 security work. In the previous years, we have done a very good job in the double eleven security work, which has been recognized by customers, but we also need to strengthen the ideological understanding. Now we have more and more equipment outside, more and more workload, we have to be prepared from top to bottom, forming a situation of “joint management”. 2.
2. Our security personnel outside show the spirit of our Guanchao Iron Group in front of customers, use superb technology to solve problems, encounter difficulties meticulously and patiently, are not afraid of hardships and tiredness, dare to take responsibility, and leave a good impression on customers. The regional team leader of the Double 11 guarantee is selected after discussion and research, which represents the company’s trust in you, and also helps to improve your comprehensive coordination ability, so you should be brave, dare to dedicate, and take up this responsibility. Especially this year’s new colleagues, to cherish the opportunity to go out, is a very good exercise, both to understand the operation of the equipment, but also to improve technical skills. For those of us who do not have the security of going out. In the company, to do a good job of logistical support for colleagues outside, and provide what is needed in a timely manner. The front side to fight the war in the rear support, fully support the work of the outside security.
3. During the period outside, we should pay attention to safety. First, when repairing equipment, we should strictly abide by the rules, stop when it’s time to stop, cut the power when it’s time to cut the power, and not wear gloves to debug the belt. Second, the new crown pneumonia is still in the global pandemic period, and the country is still facing the pressure of external prevention of importation and internal prevention of rebound. With the arrival of the autumn and winter seasons, influenza and other respiratory infectious diseases are also moving, the epidemic prevention and control situation is still serious, can not be taken lightly, during the external protection, we continue to pay attention to the dynamics of the epidemic, continue to remain vigilant, do a good job of personal protection, and actively cooperate with the epidemic prevention measures to ensure peace.
4. each double 11 security personnel is a heavy responsibility on the shoulders, is the company’s expectations of everyone, to everyone’s trust, the previous years during the double 11, our company emerged a lot of excellent deeds, get everyone’s unanimous praise, this year, each department to collect more double 11 during the excellent deeds, these as our year-end evaluation of the material.

With red flags waving and drums thundering, all employees were enthusiastic and high-minded, and expressed that they would overcome all difficulties, live up to the expectations, meet the “Double Eleven” with the fullest mental state and high-quality services, and make greater contributions to the high-quality development of Guanchao. Double 11, Guanchao will win! Guanchao will win!

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