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Post Five Tips for Increasing the Efficiency of Your Belt Conveyor Crown

How to Increase the Efficiency of Your Belt Conveyor Crown

The belt conveyor crown is an important component of any industrial or warehouse operation. It ensures that the system runs smoothly and efficiently, but it’s important to make sure that you are optimising its efficiency. Here are five tips to help you get the most out of your belt conveyor crown:

1. Keep the Surface Clean

The most important part of keeping the conveyor belt running efficiently is to maintain a clean surface. A clean surface will ensure that the belt is sliding smoothly along the track and reduce the amount of friction it has to overcome. Before use, make sure to clear any dirt or debris from the belt and the track.

2. Inspect the System Regularly

It’s important to inspect the conveyor system regularly to check for any potential issues that may affect the efficiency of the belt. Make sure to check for any signs of wear or damage to the belt, the tracking system, and the belt drive system. If any major issues are discovered, take the time to repair or replace the parts to ensure the proper functioning of the belt.

3. Adjust The Tension As Necessary

To ensure optimal belt efficiency, you should adjust the tension of the belt periodically. Too much tension can cause the system to wear out, while too little tension can cause slippage. Make sure to check the tension of the belt regularly to get the ideal level for the specific conditions of the conveyor system.

4. Use Two Crowns For Steeper Inclines

When the belt needs to move at a steep incline, it’s important to use two crowns. This will reduce the amount of slippage and improve the efficiency of the belt movement.

5. Switch to Automation As Needed

If the system is still not running efficiently, consider switching to an automated conveyor system. Automation can help to maintain the correct tension and reduce the amount of manual maintenance required.


Optimising the belt conveyor crown is essential for getting the most out of your industrial or warehouse system. Taking the time to keep the surface clean, inspect for potential damage, adjust the tension, use two crowns, and switch to automation as needed will help to improve the overall efficiency of your system.

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