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The dust-proof design requirements of the telescopic boom conveyor

In the case of inefficient conveyor operation, consider whether labor is being used or equipment is outdated. If so, we need to improve our technology and buy new equipment. Then a telescopic boom conveyor is a better choice in transportation. Since the telescopic boom conveyor has been selected, it is necessary to put forward requirements for the dust-proof design of the telescopic belt conveyor.


Telescopic boom conveyor dustproof requirements:

The conveyor system has high requirements for dust prevention. Therefore, there are sprinkler and dust removal devices at each junction. A draft shield or windshield will be installed along the telescopic boom conveyor. The system consists of a single machine. For the operation and maintenance of the whole machine system, it is necessary to understand the relationship between the conveying systems on the basis of the single machine that is responsible for it. Under normal circumstances, we will encounter various working conditions according to the different places of use, working environment, technical performance, and material type of the telescopic boom conveyor. For example, in hydropower construction, a standard intermediate frame can be configured, and the conveyor frame is installed on the sleeper for easy displacement.


General loose materials, hard materials, and single-piece materials are classified according to the position of the bearing section of the rubber conveyor belt, including the upper belt bearing section, the lower belt bearing section, and the upper and lower belts. There are three types of two-way conveyors, so the two-way conveyor can transport the materials from the upper branch and the lower branch, respectively, but in order to keep the contact surface of the material unchanged, the conveyor belt needs to be turned over regularly.


For the operators and maintenance personnel who work on the whole machine system, the telescopic boom conveyor should not only be based on the single machine they are responsible for but also understand the relationship between the systems. A stand-alone machine consists of many parts. Only by performing thorough daily maintenance on each component can the equipment be guaranteed to run safely.

Angled Belt Conveyor

In the daily maintenance and maintenance, how to do the dustproof of the telescopic boom conveyor?

The conveyor belt of the telescopic boom conveyor should be kept clean, whether it is in transportation or storage; avoid being soaked in direct sunlight or rain and snow; avoid contact with substances such as acid, oil, etc.; and strictly keep a distance of more than 1 meter from the heating equipment.


Conveyor belts of different types and different standard layers cannot be used by connecting them together. The joints need to be bonded by glue or other connection methods that meet the requirements.


During storage, conveyor belt products should be placed in rolls and cannot be folded. During storage, refurbishment is required at least quarterly.


The feeding direction should follow the running square of the belt to reduce the blanking interval; the distance between the rollers should be shortened in the receiving section of the belt to buffer the leakage of the lifting roller and scrape the belt surface of the conveyor belt.


According to the planning regulations of the belt conveyor, reasonably select the connection between the diameter of the transmission roller and the cloth layer of the conveyor belt, and replace the matching of the roller and the requirements of the groove angle of the roller.


Therefore, whether you are operating the telescopic boom conveyor daily or storing it, you need to pay attention to the above-mentioned aspects so that the dustproof work of the belt conveyor can be done in place and so that the telescopic boom conveyor can maintain a good running state.


The design basis of the telescopic boom conveyor:

The running speed of the conveyor should be preliminarily determined according to the conveying volume and the characteristics of the material; select a high belt speed; reduce the bandwidth; and preliminarily determine the conveying machinery and structural parameters.


The calculation power is based on the importance selection criteria, considering no-load, full-load normal operation, start-up and free shutdown are the prerequisites for the operation of the conveying machinery. On the premise of ensuring the normal operation of the conveying machinery, determine the main specifications, quantities, and requirements.

four Sections Telescopic Conveyor

Design points of the belt conveyor line:

Working environment and conditions

The hours of operation per day, the frequency of operation, the service life of the belt conveyor, and the method of feeding and unloading need to be considered.

Working environment and conditions: ambient temperature, outdoor or indoor; environmental protection requirements, mobile or fixed; telescopic requirements.


Problems with conveyor lines and conveyor belts

The size of the conveying line needs to be considered in detail, including: inclination angle, maximum length, lifting height; size of straight and curved segments; connection size, etc.

conveyor belt: maximum sag requirements, simulated friction resistance coefficient, friction coefficient, safety factor.


The nature of the material and the amount of conveying

The specific properties of the material need to be considered, including: bulk density, angle of repose, particle size of the material, maximum lumpiness, moisture of the material, abrasiveness, cohesion, and coefficient of friction of the material. The conveying volume, the conveying volume that can be directly achieved when the material flow is uniform, and the basic statistical data of the material flow can be considered when the material flow is uneven.


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