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Design and advantages of turning curve belt conveyor

The design method and arrangement structure of the flat turning curve belt conveyor at the turning point have their own characteristics, which are determined by the special working principle of the turning part.


The operation of the belt conveyor is realized by the driving force provided by the driving device to pull the conveyor belt through the transmission roller. The conveyor belt is both a carrier and a traction body. Under the tension of the conveyor belt, the force of the conveyor belt unit of the ordinary belt conveyor and the force of the conveyor belt in the curved section act on the same straight line, and the forces on the unit are balanced, while the bending There is an included angle between the tension directions of the two ends of the force-receiving unit of the conveyor belt, and the resultant force of the conveyor belt unit is unbalanced, which will generate a centripetal force. The characteristic of the structure and arrangement of the idler group of the flat turning curve belt conveyor is to generate an outward centrifugal force to balance the centripetal resultant force of the belt tension.


In order to achieve this purpose, the following measures can usually be taken in the design of the turning section of the flat turning curve belt conveyor:


(1) Increase the conveyor belt’s inner curve.By raising the inner curve to a certain angle, the gravity of the conveyor belt and the material produces a component force on the outside of the turning section, improving the stress condition of the conveyor belt, reducing the radius of curvature, and making the turning easier. However, if the inner curve is raised, it may cause the material to roll to the outside and cause the material to be scattered. Therefore, the inner curve is not easily lifted too high.


(2) Screw in the support angle. Make the idler have an installation support angle, and at the turning point, make the inner end of the idler move towards the running direction of the tape;

Curve Conveyor

(3) Raise the idler set’s groove angle.Increasing the groove angle of the idler group helps to automatically adjust the centering of the tape and reduces the degree of deviation. Thus, it contributes to the reduction of the radius of curvature. It is also an important measure for the automatic adjustment of the centering of the conveyor belt.


(4) Pressure roller for the return branch.When a flat idler is used for the return branch, a pressure roller is added to the tape of the return branch to increase the lateral friction force given by the idler to the tape;


(5) Include a set of rollers. Set up vertical rollers at the turns. When the tape deviates to the inside or outside of the curved section, it can be restricted by the side vertical rollers. But this is a spare measure. If this measure works frequently, it will lose the meaning of free guidance, and it will also accelerate the wear of the conveyor belt, which will greatly reduce the life of the conveyor belt.


In addition to the curved section of the belt conveyor, the design method and structural composition of the other parts of the flat turning curve belt conveyor are exactly the same as those of the ordinary belt conveyor. Therefore, except for some structural parts at the turning point, other important components such as the driving device are also included in the flat turning curve belt conveyor. The tensioning device, conveyor belt, etc. can be used with ordinary belt conveyors.


The main advantages of the flat turning curve belt conveyor are:

  1. Reduce the number of devices, and the system power supply and control are more centralized.

When the conveyor belt is used for transportation inside the factory area or at the seaport terminal, it is generally necessary to set up an intermediate transfer station according to the conditions of the line, etc. When it is used for the mining of underground coal mines, it is often necessary to set up an underground chamber. The curved running line is used to avoid obstacles or stay in the lot, so as to achieve less or no intermediate transfer station or underground chamber, reduce the amount of equipment, and make the power supply and control system of the system more centralized.


  1. System maintenance and management costs are reduced.

Compared with other transportation methods such as cars and trucks, the use of flat-curve belt conveyors saves shipping costs. Compared with ordinary belt conveyors, the flat-turning curve belt conveyor has fewer or no intermediate transfer stations, which not only reduces some investment costs and related infrastructure costs but also reduces equipment wear and maintenance management. There is no risk of material overflow or blockage for wear parts such as cleaners and guide troughs, thus greatly reducing operating costs.

Angled Belt Conveyor

  1. Reduce energy consumption.

The use of the flat turning curve belt conveyor greatly reduces the energy loss caused by the repeated loading and unloading of materials such as heavy trucks and automobiles. At the same time, because the plane-turning belt conveyor cancels the unloading height of the intermediate transfer, it also reduces unnecessary energy consumption.


  1. Effectively reduce system pollution to the environment

Heavy trucks, automobiles, and other transportation methods can generate exhaust gases and noise. The intermediate transfer station of ordinary belt conveyors is the source of high noise and dust. Therefore, the use of flat-curve belt conveyors is conducive to reducing the system’s environmental pollution and pollution interference.


  1. Expand the application range of ordinary conveyor belts.

The plane turning curve belt conveyor only needs to take some measures on the frame structure of the turning section, such as making the idler at the turning point have an installation angle, and raising the inner side of the frame at the turning point, etc. The structure of other parts can be conveyed without making too many changes. The natural turning of the machine, thus avoiding the use of special conveyor belts with special structures, thus expands the application range of ordinary conveyors.


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