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Why are container loading conveyors so widely used?

Logistics conveying equipment refers to the mechanical equipment, appliances, etc. required for various logistics activities that can be used for a long time and basically maintain the original physical form during use, excluding buildings, loading and unloading platforms and other logistics infrastructure. Logistics machinery and equipment are logistics labor tools and the material and technical basis of the logistics system, container loading conveyor is one of them.


Why are container loading conveyors so widely used? The main features of container loading conveyors are large conveying capacity, simple structure and easy maintenance. Of course, this is his main characteristic. It has other features, such as standardization of parts and stable transportation, so that the goods can reach the designated area safely; in addition, unlike some conveying equipment, the container loading conveyor has no relative movement between the material and the conveyor belt, which can avoid damage to the conveyor.


It is worth mentioning that this kind of conveying equipment has low noise and is very suitable for use in places where the working environment requires quietness. Due to the simple structure, very convenient maintenance and very low energy consumption, the use cost is very low.


container loading conveyors are not made of a single material of construction. It has many materials, such as rubber, silicone, pvc, pu, etc. In addition to conveying common materials, it can also meet oil resistance and corrosion resistance. It can also be used for materials with special requirements, such as anti-static. container loading conveyors can be used in the food industry to meet the needs of food. According to the structure, it can be divided into many new types, such as groove type, flat type, climbing, turning container loading conveyor and so on.

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Container loading conveyors have the following characteristics:

  1. Simple structure. The structure of the container loading conveyoris composed of several large parts such as driving rollers, redirecting rollers, idlers or rollerless parts, driving devices, conveyor belts, etc. It can be standardized production and can be assembled according to needs. The structure is very simple.
  2. The range of conveying materials is very wide. The conveyor belt of the container loading conveyorhas the properties of abrasion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance and high temperature resistance. Therefore, various bulk materials, block materials, chemicals, raw clinker and concrete can be transported.
  3. The conveying capacity of the container loading conveyoris large. The volume can be continuously transported from a few kilograms to several thousand tons per hour, which is out of reach of train transportation.
  4. The container loading conveyorhas a long transportation distance. The length of a single-machine container loading conveyorcan reach more than 10 kilometers, which is very popular abroad, and does not require any transfer point in the middle.
  5. Strong adaptability to the line. Modern container loading conveyors have developed from a trough shape to a round tube shape when laying off-road. It can turn on both horizontal and vertical surfaces, breaking the limitation that trough container loading conveyors cannot turn. Therefore, it can rely on mountains and water to walk along the terrain, which can save a lot of tunnel bridge foundation investment.
  6. The loading and unloading is very convenient. The container loading conveyorcan be installed and unloaded at any point according to the process requirements.
  7. Low operating cost. The wear parts of the container loading conveyorare only the rollers and the rollers. The conveyor belt has a long service life, a high degree of automation, few users, less than one person per kilometer on average, and very little fuel consumption and electricity.
  8. The container loading conveyorhas high reliability. Due to the simple structure and light weight of the moving parts, as long as the conveyor belt is not torn, the service life can reach ten years, and the metal structural parts will not be damaged for decades as long as they are rust-proof.
  9. The container loading conveyorhas low energy consumption and high efficiency. Due to the light weight of moving parts and low transport volumes, container loading conveyors have low energy consumption and high efficiency in all continuous and discontinuous transport.
  10. Low maintenance cost. The moving parts of the container loading conveyorare only rollers and idlers, and the conveyor belt is very wear-resistant.


Different logistics systems are matched with different logistics equipment to complete different logistics operations. Logistics equipment is the main symbol of the level of logistics technology, and the popularity of logistics equipment directly reflects the modernization degree and technical level of a country. Logistics machinery and equipment is one of the main operating tools of modern enterprises, and it is the basis for rationally organizing mass production and mechanized assembly operations. For third-party logistics enterprises, logistics equipment is the material and technical basis for organizing logistics activities, and reflects the logistics capacity of the enterprise. Logistics equipment is the material basis in the logistics system. With the development and progress of logistics, logistics equipment will continue to be upgraded and developed.


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