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5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Belt Conveyor Crowns for Improved Performance

Worn and aged belt conveyor crowns can cause serious difficulties and decreased performance for your system. Upgrading your belt conveyor crowns to newer and more effective designs can increase efficiency, reduce downtime and lower costs. Here are five advantages of upgrading your belt conveyor crowns for improved performance:

1. Increased System Efficiency

Relying on outdated belt conveyor crowns can lead to increased friction and an inefficient system overall. Replacing the crowns with modern units can reduce friction, increase system efficiency and reduce material costs by eliminating wasted energy.

2. Reduced Maintenance Requirements

By using new and more advanced belt conveyor crowns, it is possible to reduce the maintenance requirements for your system. Newer more effective crowns can provide increased bearing life and less need for adjustments and replacements.

3. Improved Belt Tracking

Old and damaged belt conveyor crowns can cause belt misalignment and component damage. In addition, poor belt tracking can cause excessive wear on the system’s components. Upgrading your belt conveyor crowns can help improve belt tracking and reduce component damage.

4. Enhanced Material Flow

Upgrading your belt conveyor crowns can also help improve material flow. Modern crown designs can enable more effective material handling and reduce material spillage and kickback.

5. Increased Durability

Newer belt conveyor crowns have enhanced durability and corrosion resistance. This can help increase system longevity and reduce the cost of maintenance and repairs over the lifetime of the system.

In conclusion, upgrading your belt conveyor crowns can have many benefits including increased system efficiency, reduced maintenance requirements, improved belt tracking, enhanced material flow and increased durability. All of these advantages can result in a more efficient and cost-effective system, and help reduce downtime and keep your operation running smoothly.

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