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You Need to Know About Belt Conveyor Crowns: What They Are and How to Select the Right One

What is a Belt Conveyor Crown?

A belt conveyor crown is a specially shaped rubber profile embedded into the conveyor belt. Its job is to support the belt edges so that they are able to carry the load reliably without generating excessive noise and wear on the conveyor parts. The rubber profile of the crown helps distribute the load evenly and minimize the risk of belt slipping.

What Factors to Consider when Selecting the Right Belt Conveyor Crown

Choosing the right belt conveyor crown is important for ensuring safe and efficient operation. Below are some of the factors to consider:-

  • Load Requirements – The shape of the crown will depend on the type and weight of the load being conveyed. Select a crown with a profile that matches the load requirements.
  • Belt Speed – The type of crown used should be matched to the speed of the belt. For higher-speed belts, choose a crown that can withstand the speed and load.
  • Material – Different materials will require different crowns. Choose a crown that is designed for the material being carried.
  • Installation – Select a crown that can be properly installed on the conveyor belt.


The right belt conveyor crown is essential for the safe and efficient operation of the conveyor belt. It is important to select the right crown that meets the requirements of the job at hand. By considering the load requirements, belt speed, material, and installation, a suitable crown can be chosen that will provide reliable service for many years.

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