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How to Choose the Right Belt Conveyor Crown for Your Application

Considering Factors

Choosing the right crown for your application is a critical decision in the selection of a belt conveyor system. Here are the factors to consider when picking the crown for your application:

  • Type of Material: Consider the type of material you’re conveying and the conveyor’s design capacity.
  • Crown Selection: Determine which type of crown works best for your application such as flat top, pulled crown, stepped crown, tapered crown, or inverted V-crown.
  • Degree of Turn: Consider how much of a turn you need the conveyor to make and the type of material you need to run.
  • Load Requirements: Understanding the load requirements and whether the conveyor is going up or down can help determine the crown profile.
  • Speed: The speed of the conveyor should also be kept in mind when selecting the crown.

Crown Design Benefits

There are many benefits to using the right crown on your conveyor. The appropriate crown profile will improve load distribution, belt tracking, and reduce power consumption. It can also help with reducing belt misalignment, vibration, and noise levels. Crowns should be designed to prevent belt rollover and provide a smooth ride.


Choosing the right crown for your conveyor is an essential factor in its success. Different types of crowns have different benefits, and selecting the right one can dramatically improve the performance of your conveyor system. By considering the various factors above, you can ensure that you select the crown best suited for your application.

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