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Using Belt Conveyor Crowns to Improve Performance and Reduce Maintenance Costs

The goal of any production or process business is to maximize efficiency and minimize associated costs. By incorporating belt conveyor crowns in facility operations, companies can not only improve performance and throughput but also diminish maintenance costs over time. This article will explore the benefits of using crowns:

What are Belt Conveyor Crowns?

A crown is a curved profile, machined into the surface of a conveyor belt, designed to improve tracking and flexibly accommodation multiple drive configurations. By providing a specific profile, tracking is directed and kept in line with rollers, ensuring that the belt stays aligned and reduces the amount of energy required to transfer the load.

Benefits Of Using Belt Conveyor Crowns

  • Improved Performance: By reducing the amount of misalignment needed and keeping the belt moving forward, conveyor belts with crowns can dramatically improve the performance of a system with less wear, tear, and maintenance.
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs: The improved tracking of a conveyor belt with crowns eliminates the need for frequent adjustments and reduces the maintenance cost of the system by simplifying the repair and replacement of components.
  • Increased Throughput: The improved tracking of the conveyor belt with crowns increases the throughput of the system, thanks to its ability to move heavier loads without damage or interruption.


In conclusion, by utilizing belt conveyor crowns, businesses can improve performance, reduce maintenance costs, and increase throughput. Durability, accuracy, cost-effectiveness and improved efficiency are just some of the benefits that make incorporating crowns into enterprise operations an essential capability.

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