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Post “How to Select the Perfect Belt Conveyor Crown for Your Application

How to Select the Perfect Belt Conveyor Crown for Your Application

Investing in a belt conveyor system is an important process. There are numerous factors to consider, including the belt grade, the belt profile, and the crown profile of the conveyor system. Choosing the right crown profile is essential as it can the strength and function of the conveyor system. Here is what you need to know about selecting the right conveyor crown profile for your application.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Belt Conveyor Crown

  • Tension Capacity – Select a crown profile that properly distributes tension to ensure the belt doesn’t become overloaded.
  • Safety Considerations – When operating any conveyor machine, safety is of utmost importance. Therefore, it is important to select a crown profile that increases the safety of your conveyor system.
  • Material Being Conveyed – Select a conveyor crown profile that is specific to the type of material that is being conveyed. This will help ensure that the material does not slip or become jammed.
  • Ease of Maintenance – Maintenance of any machine is always a priority. A good crown profile should be designed for simplicity and ease of maintenance.

Types of Crown Profiles

The most common type of crown profile is the full crown profile, which as the name suggests is a “full” crown without any adjustments. This type of crown is ideal for heavy-duty applications where the demands are high and safety is a priority.

Another type of crown profile is the trapezoidal crown profile. This crown profile is great for applications that have curves as it ensures the belt is properly tensioned.

Finally, a multi-crown profile is ideal for applications where the characteristics of the belt change from one section to the next. This type of crown allows for a quick and easy adjustment of the belt tension.


Selecting the right crown profile for your application is crucial for keeping your belt conveyor system operating safely and efficiently. The crown profile should be chosen to support the tension capacity, safety considerations, material being conveyed, and the ease of maintenance for your conveyor system. The most common types of crown profiles are full crown, trapezoidal crown, and multi-crown. By understanding the characteristics of the different profiles and their applications, you can easily select the perfect crown profile for your belt conveyor system.

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