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Post “Improving Belt Conveyor Crown Performance for Increased Productivity

Improving Belt Conveyor Crown Performance for Increased Productivity

Belt conveyors are the most used power handling system across different industries today. As with any other system, their performance can be improved to increase productivity. The use of crown in belt conveyors is one of the key elements in increasing their performance and maximizing production output.

What is Crown?

Crown is the shape of the pulleys in belt conveyors and refers to the arc of curvature along its length. The crown is necessary in order to provide adequate grip and tracking of the belt.

The Benefits of Crowned Pulleys

Crown in belt conveyors helps to:

  • Minimize belt slipping: The use of crowned pulleys helps to reduce the slippage of the belt and ensures it remains in line with the pulleys.
  • Increase stability: Crowned pulleys can help to reduce the jarring and vibration felt when running the belt and increase stability.
  • Reduce material spillage: With the increased friction between the belt and pulleys, spillage of transported material is minimized. This reduces the mess and time needed for clean up.

Optimizing Belt Conveyor Performance with Crown

To further increase productivity, there are several steps you can take to optimize the performance of belt conveyors with crown:

  • Regular maintenance: Ensure to regularly check and maintain the crown in your belt conveyors. This is necessary in order to keep it from becoming defective or worn out.
  • Optimize pulley size: Ensure required pulley size is used to reduce belt slippage and increase efficiency.
  • Use proper drive and speed: Use appropriate drives and speed settings to optimize the performance of the belt conveyor.
  • Consider the environment: Ensure to consider the ambient temperature and other environment conditions that may affect the performance of the belt.


The use of crown in belt conveyors is necessary for increased performance and productivity. It reduces belt slippage, increases stability and reduces material spilling. To further increase performance, regular maintenance, pulley size optimization, use of appropriate drive and speed as well as consideration of the environment is required.

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