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What is extendable telescoping belt conveyor?

Extendable telescoping belt conveyor, also known as telescopic machine, telescopic conveyor, telescopic belt conveyor, telescopic conveyor line, telescopic assembly line, etc. This is a kind of logistics conveying equipment that can expand and contract the length freely and adjust the transmission height to a certain extent, and at the same time, it can also convey materials in two-way operation.


The main function of the extendable telescoping belt conveyor is to use it in vehicle loading and unloading, shorten the distance of manual transportation of materials back and forth, and has the advantages of shortening manual loading and unloading time, reducing labor intensity, reducing product damage, reducing loading and unloading costs, and improving work efficiency. It is often used in warehousing and e-commerce express logistics loading and unloading links. It penetrates into the truck compartment and automatically transports goods from the compartment to the semi-automatic conveying system of the warehouse. It is convenient for loader and unloading workers to unload or connect the end of the telescopic belt conveyor to the conveying and sorting line to realize automatic operation.


Features of extendable telescoping belt conveyor:

  1. Compared with the traditional manual loading and unloading method, the extendable telescoping belt conveyor has the ability to quickly load and unload the goods. The loading and unloading of the same truck, the time required for the telescopic belt conveyor is 50% of the traditional manual loading and unloading time.
  2. The use of the telescopic belt conveyor reduces the time for people to drag the trailer back and forth and wait in line to pull the goods, and minimize the turnaround time.
  3. The design and production of the machine is ergonomic, easy to operate, reduces labor intensity, and minimizes the work intensity of manpower to move goods up and down.
  4. The staff can extend the transportation distance by operating the telescopic belt conveyor, and lift/lower it to suit the current working position, so as to facilitate better work.


The entire extendable telescoping belt conveyor can be used in many scenarios, and the purchase cost is not too high, and the investment return period is short. The average return on investment period in the express delivery industry is 1 year. The telescopic belt conveyor can be equipped with various functions, tailored according to the needs, and the equipment can be automated as much as possible.

Extendable Telescoping Belt Conveyor

Application scenarios of extendable telescoping belt conveyor:

The extendable telescoping belt conveyor is often used in the port loading and unloading (receiving) of the transshipment center and the distribution center. It can realize the functions of quick unloading and automatic conveying of the arriving goods, shorten the distance of manual transportation of materials and shorten the loading and unloading of goods. Reduce the time of delivery, reduce labor intensity, reduce damage to goods, reduce loading and unloading costs, and improve the efficiency of unloading operations. At present, telescopic belt conveyors have been widely used in warehousing and transportation scenarios in chemical, light industry, machinery, electronics, medicine, food, tobacco, post and telecommunications, warehouses, docks and other industries in the domestic market.


How to use extendable telescoping belt conveyor?

  1. Select the corresponding belt width according to its own transportation volume. During the process of transporting materials, the machine must keep the telescopic belt conveyor continuously within its load range.
  2. The maintenance of the belt is usually done well, and the maintenance of the belt conveyor is done well, which improves the operation efficiency of the telescopic belt conveyor.


The overhaul and maintenance of the extendable telescoping belt conveyor is mainly carried out for the four major parts of the belt conveyor cleaner, the belt itself, the power unit and the electrical protection device.

(1) The extendable telescoping belt conveyor cleaner should be regularly inspected and cleaned, and pay attention to whether there is any material left during the transportation of goods. At the same time, the cleaner presses too tightly on the surface of the belt or the drum, or the gap is too large, which may easily cause damage to the belt or Decreased cleaning effect

(2) When the belt itself is transported, the material should be placed on the belt evenly and properly. Uneven placement will cause the belt to deviate during operation, thereby causing wear to the belt. The belt deviation and abnormal wear will cause the life of the belt. The main reason for the shortening, so the use effect is not good.

(3) The maintenance of the power unit requires mechanical and electrical maintenance personnel, who often observe the grease lubrication and heating conditions of these components. During the observation, if oil leakage or lubricating oil penetration is found in these equipment, the cause should be checked in time, and the Replenish grease at the leaked parts; for equipment that is abnormally hot, it should be shut down for maintenance in time to check the cause to avoid accidents.

(4) Protect the electrical equipment to prevent accidental damage. At the same time, it is also necessary to improve the professional quality of the operator. After all, the machine needs to be operated manually, so the operator has played a crucial step.


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