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Which express logistics curved belt conveyor is better? How to choose?

In recent years, the rapid development of e-commerce has brought the express delivery industry into a period of stable and high-speed growth, followed by a massive volume of parcels. With the continuous advancement of technology, various express delivery companies have changed the traditional manual operation methods, vigorously promoted the application of automation equipment, established intelligent e-commerce logistics sorting lines, and the production of enterprises has become more standardized and efficient.

The development of the logistics express industry is also getting faster and faster, and sorting work is an important part of the industry. Improving the sorting efficiency of logistics express and reducing labor costs is a point that the logistics express industry is very concerned about.

In order to reduce the labor intensity of employees and meet the growing demand for processing business volume, curved belt conveyors are used in sorting operations in the logistics and express delivery industry, which can sort goods continuously and in large quantities.

Curved belt conveyor is a very widely used conveyor line, which is used for continuous or intermittent movement of the angle between the conveyor belt and the conveyor belt to convey various items of different weights. It is suitable for the assembly or conveying of small and medium-sized products, and can be conveyed by single belt, double belt and multi-layer belt. Belt turning machine speed is adjustable, angle: 90 degrees, 180 degrees.

Which curved belt conveyor is better? How to choose? At present, there are many manufacturers of belt conveyor lines on the market, but there are not many enterprises with complete qualifications, excellent product information and standardized production processes. So how to identify which belt conveyor line produced by conveyor line manufacturers is good? How to choose? From the following points:

turning curve belt conveyor
Curved Belt Conveyor
  1. Identify manufacturers and distributors

At present, there are still many dealers in the market of the belt conveyor industry. They buy equipment from manufacturers at very low prices between customers and merchants, and then resell it to customers who have already negotiated, earning a high price difference in the middle. Such middlemen are not loyal to the merchants, nor are they loyal to the customers. They only have interests in their minds and do not respect the quality of the market. Whichever manufacturer makes them more profitable will choose which manufacturer to cooperate with. The quality of the product is not considered by the middlemen. Therefore, if customers want to buy products directly sold by manufacturers, they can ask the merchants you communicate with to visit them. Ask them to show themselves around their production sites.

  1. Manufacturer scale and product quality

When visiting a merchant’s factory, it is necessary to see whether the merchant is familiar with their own factory. Considering the size of the business site, the number of production and processing staff, and whether the quality of the finished product is satisfactory, you can request to test the machine to check the quality and effect of the machine.

  1. Qualification certification, etc.

When the customer is relatively satisfied with the manufacturer’s site and product quality. It is necessary to check the production certificate of the factory, the business license of the merchant, the quality certification system certificate and other quality certification system certificates to ensure that the products produced by the factory meet the national production standards.

turning curve belt conveyor
Curved Belt Conveyor 

Features of curve belt conveyor:

  1. Save post setting: no special person is needed to take care of it, just like patrolling the intermediate device of the belt conveyor, it can be inspected regularly, the fault is easy to find and easy to eliminate.
  2. Easy to use: The commissioning principle is the same as that of ordinary curve belt conveyor, and any operator of the curve belt conveyor can debug it.
  3. Easy maintenance: only the special-shaped roller type wearing parts, the rest are common parts, users can maintain and repair by themselves, without special personnel.
  4. Easy installation: ground anchors, concrete foundations, and point columns can be implemented.
  5. Reduce the initial investment of equipment: each turning device can replace the head, tail, tensioning, electric cable control and belt storage of a curve belt conveyor. Its laying and installation workload are greatly saved.
  6. Maintain the original characteristics of the curve belt conveyor: After the original belt conveyor is installed with the turning device, its various conveying parameters and characteristics will not change.
  7. Easy to promote and apply: As it is a mature new technology and has significant economic benefits, it is easy to be included in the plan for the promotion and application of new products or innovative products of the mine, which is convenient for promotion and summary.
  8. Significant energy-saving effect: due to the reduction of installed capacity, a lot of power consumption can be saved during operation. When there is a lower transportation section, solve the problem of lower transportation and improve the safety and reliability of the system.
  9. Strong practicability: it can be used with any specification of belt conveyor.
  10. Low operating cost: The equipment is easy to disassemble and transport, and can be used repeatedly for a long time; the system is simplified and the failure rate is low; it saves people, saves energy, low maintenance costs, and significant economic benefits.

The express sorting curve belt conveyor line is an important transmission component of the automatic sorting equipment for e-commerce logistics. It can be applied to the conveying and sorting operations of boxes, bags, etc. very low. When turning to sorting, the sorting is fast and accurate, and there is no impact on the goods, which can effectively avoid damage to the surface of the goods.

When the curve belt conveyor participates in the sorting operation, it can effectively help customers improve efficiency, and also help enterprises in the logistics express industry, saving time, efficiency and cost. Express logistics enterprises have been better developed and can bring more help to customers.

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